Friday, January 1, 2010

{ 2009 Year In Review! }

Happy New Year everyone! I am still in shock that 2009 is actually over. As I took a minute to look over all the memories I've made the last 12 months I can't help but feel "seriously so blessed!" Here's a look at some of my favorite memories and a re-cap of my incredible 2009:

JANUARY found me in Arizona with family and friends as we rang in the new year. Back in so cal the ladies and I found ourselves watching lots and lots of my favorite show on tv, started a new job at a floral boutique, and went 80's dancing at Oceans. A lot. Not to mention a couple trips to Dland, a night in LA that ended in a little mechanical bull riding, and one of my proudest moments on the ice.

FEBRUARY the weather warmed up enough for us to sneak away to the beach. Lucky for me I didn't have to worry about what to do for Valentines. My cousin Chad and his fiance Katie tied the knot on February 14th! And of course we did a little more dancing, followed by a late night run to Ruby's for a milkshake and fries.

MARCH sent me away with my first win at the Oscars. Of course we did a little more dancing in the era of the 80's. We even played hooky from work to see some really big marine mammals, joined up with our gf's for a little Jessica Simpson and Rascal Flatts in Irvine, and had the most incredible adventure of my life with 10 of my friends in London and Paris. I still get all nostalgic and teary-eyed every time I re-read that memorable March post.

APRIL found me in Arizona once again to visit my little D for Easter. After the holiday I joined up with the SC5 ladies for some fun cleaning the beaches of south county. And of course course what would the month of April be without a little more dancing, spiced up in all white of course!

MAY was a month for weddings, birthdays, and graduation celebrations. My favorite show on tv started up again, and I also spent a lot of time on boats...the incredible house boat trip to Lake Powell, and the memorable "I'm On A Boat" party for Johnny boy's birthday!

JUNE was another memorable month for me professionally. I designed my first succulent arrangements for an event in Costa Mesa, my design work was published on the world wide web, and I even walked the red carpet. I'm kind of a big deal.

JULY whisked me away to Canada for a quick visit to my mission and dropped me back off in the beautiful U.S. of A. just in time for a 4th of July celebration in HB, followed by a weeklong stay with the fam on Beach Road, some deep sea fishing off the coast of Dana Point, a weekend in Arizona to see you-know-who, and a jam session with Kelly Clarkson and all my single ladies. I love summer!

AUGUST I did some flowers for her, and then some for her, and then them, and then her again. Thankfully it wasn't a month of all work no play. I managed to fit in a night of soap and suds, and a family vacation to Mission Beach.

SEPTEMBER was a month of relaxation and recovery after this incredible wedding. Labor day was a lot of fun too. Had some friends over for a little pool party at Club Messick but shortly thereafter it was back to work on more wedding flowers and finishing up a design remodel for the Hobbins family.

OCTOBER was by far the busiest month of 2009. I drove down to San Diego with these lovely ladies for an incredible concert and then it was back to Arizona again, only this time to celebrate Little D's 1st birthday! Love that little face! Then I was off to Utah for my friends' wedding and to spend some time with my little sis. Upon my return I started a new job, designed my friend Nicole's stunning bouquet for her Newport Harbor wedding, made 44 succulent centerpieces for a banquet in Rancho Palos Verdes with 2 days notice (that was crazy!), and moved to Huntington Beach. Talk about a busy month!

NOVEMBER was certainly a month to be thankful for. There were more concerts in LA, a celebrity siting in Laguna Niguel, a little play time with Hello Kitty and her fan club, a break for some meditation, a 3.1 mile trot through the harbor, some turkey and mashed potatoes at Grandma & Grandpas, and a little time on the lake with friends.

DECEMBER sent the year out with a bang! I loaded the credit card up with lots of Anthro purchases which I will continue to enjoy throughout the new year, witnessed a few murders at my roommates Christmas Murder Mystery Party, and welcomed my little D to California for the weekend of my cousin's wedding. And somehow I managed to find the time to design the flowers for this incredible Montage Wedding. Of course there were plenty of holiday parties to spread the Christmas cheer like the Annual Pierside Christmas Cruise, a Standard Christmas Party, a magazine launch, the 101st Annual Newport Boat Parade, a giant gingerbread house, and the merriest Christmas of all Christmases.

I still can't believe the most incredible year of my life is over. It's been such a fun/wild/amazing ride and I look forward to another year filled with new memories and exciting things. Thank you 2009 for being the best year of my life. Let's do it all over again in 2010!


Bracken and Bracken said...

Awesome post!! Great year :)

Kim said...

Wow! You are an amazing blogger - not to mention an amazing lady!!!
Now you should make one of those books out of all of your blogs from 2009 and then do one every year! That would be awesome! And kind of like a photo journal of your life!

nerak said...

The only problem I see with this is that there are plenty of trips to AZ but I didn't see you nearly enough! :) I hope you have an amazing year in 2010.