Tuesday, January 5, 2010

{ THE BACHELOR: On The Wings Of Love }

Welcome back friends to another incredible season of The Bachelor. Commentary courtesy of yours truly! The world feels complete again, doesn't it?

So what did you think of last night's premiere episode? Impressed? Nah, me either. I think it's fair to say that only "nice guy" Jake Pavelka could make a season sappier than a Jeffrey Osborne video (cue fog machine and butterflies). Is it strange that a few of the my friends actually missed Wes? "That bird has no foot." At least there was entertainment folks!

So how about them ladies? I think they are definitely gonna bring the drama this year! And you know how I love me some drama! From a scandal involving a producer and one of the bachelorettes, to a lesbian love affair, it's almost too much to handle!

As for my favorites, I'd have to say I'm Team Elizabeth from Nebraska (from the neck up...if you know what I mean), Team Ali, and Team Tenley. I just have a good feeling about them. I'm thinking they'll be in the top 5. Haven't been wrong yet!

And before we're done can we please talk about the horrible representation from Orange County this year? Seriously Michelle? Just twenty minutes into the first night and you're already crying? Stop it right now.

Oh and Jake, please put your shirt back on. You're a pilot, not a mile-high spokesmen. You're scaring the children. Good luck to you in the coming weeks. And as for the rest of you, see you all back here next week for another exciting week on The Bachelor!


design gal said...

Oh my gosh...could you believe that girl crying?! You know the producers told him to pick her last for shock effect! Who boobs like that the first night? "I didn't get one on one time..." BOO HOO!!! Augh...I wanted to punch her and give her something to cry about! LOL!

But seriously, I love this show! Can't wait for more drama!

theblibbys said...

LOVE IT! I made my "tuesday" post, too! We like the same girls! I was totally let down by Sheila!!!!! Anyways, I can't wait until Monday night...thanks for posting :) Yours it the first one I read on Tuesday morning!!!!

Ash and Christian said...

Can you come here just once this season and watch it with me?  I need to talk to you during it. 

Mom and I were dying at the worst boob job in history. 

I couldn't handle Gia being in so many of the shots at the
end. Like maybe in the final 5??? Sat it isn't so.

Love Tenley, kinda like Ali, really like Elizabeth (just don't know if I can handle the botch job all season.)

Kim said...

Some of the best cheesy-one-liners I've ever heard! How do you remember all their names? I'm looking forward to an action packed drama this season!

IzeOfLight said...

Aubs! I ended up fast-forwarding through so much of it; I'd better watch it with you guys next week otherwise I'll never make it through! I just read this and about died laughing: "He met 25 women, and 50 fake boobs."

I'm nerdy and am all for sincere and earnest, but Jake is just too much of all those things! Though I am perfectly fine with him traipsing about shirtless. That's maybe the only redeeming quality I can see in the show right now.

Bracken and Bracken said...

I swear the whole time I kept saying "I hate this stupid show" but its only cause I love it so much. Was I the only one who though Emily was so cute? Oh well. I like Ali as my #1 pic I think, I wasn't paying attention very good though, OOPS!! Love it :)

Jennifer said...

I want you to get in touch with my brother in law. He's 33 and cute and dang cool. He lives in Idaho and basically runs an engineering firm. He's really a great guy and I think you two may just hit it off. He's on facebook, look him up. He is Brandon Keller, home is boise idaho and he's just a wonderful person.

Cliff, Kendal and Stone said...

i always look forward to your Bachelor posts, but I missed the premier! I wasn't faithful last season, either. I guess I better catch the premier before the next episode.

My Name is Mike said...

Team Tenley, plus a little Ali.