Thursday, November 26, 2009

:: Dana Point Turkey Trot 2009 ::

What a beautiful morning for a run! Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This morning I dragged my siblings out of bed early to participate in the long-running tradition (no pun intended) known as the Dana Point Turkey Trot. I've been religiously trotting like a turkey every Thanksgiving Day since my sophomore year of High School and wouldn't miss it for the world. Well except those 2 years I was away in Canada on my mission, and well, that one year when I was unjustifiable out of shape and refused to put my flabby thighs in a pair of running shorts, but I digress.

The Dana Point Turkey Trot, one of America's most scenic coastal runs, brings in thousands of participants every year for the 10K, 5K, and Kid's Fun Run. This year was no exception! The siblings and I joined in with over 12,000 runners as we made our way through the picturesque harbor.

The first finisher of the siblings was of course Scotty who greeted Kellie and I across the finish line. I'm not going to share my time for fear of embarrassment, but I will say that I ran the entire time. I know, I'm pretty proud of myself. But enough with the's time to head down to San Clemente for a Thanksgiving feast. I can't wait to gnaw on some turkey and gravy! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Bracken and Bracken said...

I'm in terrible shape, but I would have loved to go :) Missing my family on Turkey day!!