Wednesday, July 15, 2009

:: Jack's Mannequin & The Fray ::

Tuesday night my sister Jacki and her husband Mark sent the wee-one to a babysitter and joined John and me for a double date to see Jack's Mannequin and The Fray in concert at the Dodge Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. What a great show!

My High School friend, Andrew McMahon, opened the night with his band Jack's Mannequin...and killed it! He played all of my favorites off his new album "The Glass Passenger," and even did a shout-out to all his old friends in the audience with a throwback from our High School days. Kinda made me miss seeing Brian Ireland on the drums and William Tell on the Bass. Those were the good 'ole days.

It was so fun to have my little sister there to share the whole experience with me. We were together at Andrew's last show with Something Corporate nearly seven years ago so it was great to reunite again for his latest tour. And yes, we realize our outfits are nearly matching. We like it that way.

Although we primarily went to see Andrew rock the stage, we all enjoyed The Fray who put on a fantastic show! They are an incredibly talented group of musicians! Totally made me wanna brush up on my piano skills. Oh, and their remake of Kanye West's "Heartless" was incredible. I've heard it before, but it was even better LIVE.

If you're in the Orange County area, hopefully you'll get yourself some tickets to their show at the end of the month at the Irvine Amphitheater. I'm actually contemplating going again. It was that good!


Jessica Reeves said...

You and Jacki look so cute!! Looks like you had tons of fun! Are you ever coming to Utah to visit??

The Townsend Family said...

That is so awesome! Is Jack's Mannequin opening for them again in Irvine? How fun would it be to get a huge group of girls from high school together to go so them play????????? Let's do it!!!!!!

Bracken and Bracken said...

So fun!! Maybe I should come down to the Irvine show?!?!

Kim said...