Tuesday, February 23, 2010

{ THE BACHELOR: The Women Tell All }

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. What would an episode of The Women Tell All be like without a little heat and drama! There's so much to talk about, where do I even start? Let's re-cap a few of my all-time favorite highlights from this season of The Bachelor: On The Wings Of Love...

- Rozlyn's disgraceful dismissal. And that Star Trek hairdo.
- Elizabeth's "virgin Mary" note read aloud at Six Flags.
- Jake's turtlenecks and crying lean-to's. You know what I'm talking about.
- Ali's hotel hall tantrum and that awful hair!
- Manic-Michelle and her "But I'll stay if you want me to" speech. And the coconut joke. Classic!
- Tenley's private lyrical dance for Jake. What was that?
- Vienna: the hair, the makeup, the cross-eyed googly goo. Barf.

I know there are so many more I'm forgetting to make mention of, but those are just a few that have really stuck with me!

How about that Bachelor Cruise Reunion? Holy scandalousness! I would never go on a cruise like that! (insert satirical chuckle of regret). I'm just glad my man Reid was nowhere to be found on that shlutty vessel. And when they were interviewing Wes, did anyone else think he said "100 times more nipples?" Eeeek! He really needs to pay a little more attention to the pronunciation of his "B's."

As for the quick clip of their charity work, I gotta hand it to that dumb blonde, Shayne Lamas...girl's got GREAT hair! Wouldn't you agree? That's pretty much all I got out of that segment.

How fantastic was the return of crazy Michelle? I think I was most looking forward to her reaction to her horrible on-screen "performance." Talk about some heavy denial! I mean, it's obviously not fun to have to admit to yourself that you're nutso, but come on. That poor girl's mother needs to stop lying to her and admit her to the nearest psychiatric ward for further evaluation...or else get her fitted for a straight jacket before she really hurts herself.

Ok, you KNOW you've all got something to say about this little scandalous hoo-ha! I still can't believe my ears!!! She literally is the devil's mistress. The "mistress of all lies" as I like to call her. Her carelessness towards the entire situation drove me mad. And then when she tried to throw sweet Chris Harrison into her cauldron of "unicorns and magicians," he just LET HER HAVE IT! I'm so proud of Chris when he responded to her absurd slander and accusation with "I will not dignify that with a response." Way to keep it classy Chris. We're all 110% on your side!

Oh, and someone please answer me this...did I hear correctly that the "staffer" whom Rozlyn had "inappropriate relations" with HAS A WIFE??? Excuse me, what? Barbie better watch her back!

Anyway, can we talk about something else now. Like how Corrie farted! Bahahahaha! Hilarious! Why that is so funny to me at almost 28 years of age, I will never know. I guess I have the same sense of humor as a 12 year old boy!

So this is it folks. One more week and the bachelor will pick a wife. Who will he choose: Sugar or Spice? (That's more of a rhetorical questions, seeing as how I already know who wins. And who am I kidding, so do you.) See you next week for the final episode of The Bachelor: On The Wings of Love!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

{ I'm so BLUE for you! }

Confession: I'm in love! That's right. I said it. I'm in love. He's 2 ft. tall, dirty blonde hair, and can sometimes be found sporting a red popsicle mouth. We love reading books together, playing outside, watching movies, and even a little kissing and cuddling from time to time. Yup. We're in love!

Friday, February 19, 2010

{ Megan's Bridal Shower }

A couple weekends ago, the girls got together in Tarzana to celebrate the darling Megan Shirey and get her ready for the wedding night. I kind of fell in love with that little hillside city. The homes were charming, all nestled up in the hillside. I almost forgot I was just minutes from the big city.

Anyway, the girls trust me to pick out the gift (love when they let me do that!) and I think I did pretty good. But I guess we should let Pete be the judge of that one. Love you Megan!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

{ THE BACHELOR: Getting Loose in Saint Lucia }

Sorry this is so late...again. Quite frankly, I just wasn't feelin' The Bachelor this week. And to be honest, there have been plenty of other good and worthwhile things happening in my life that I'd much rather talk about than some idiot named Jake who has obviously fallen in love with a raccoon by the name of Vienna. Barf.

Anyway, on to some more worthwhile things. (If you want to stop reading now I'll understand. I'm done talking about The Bachelor. Sorry.) Did you know it was 80 degrees in Southern California this week? That's right. While my friends in DC spent the week snowed in, I spent the week laying out by the pool. And I've got the tan lines to prove it. Woot! Woot!

I'd like to dedicate the next few sentence to my uh-mazing friends for helping me get this flower bizz up and going. Your referrals just keep coming left and right. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I officially have 10 weddings for 2010...and hopefully many, many more! So keep sending your friends, family, co-workers, and the-girl-you-met-in-line-at-the-supermarket-who-just-got-engaged my way!

The roommies and I got a new (well, new to us via craigslist) side-by-side ref/frz this week...that actually makes ice AND has a freezer that freezes things! How amazing is that? Since I've lived here we haven't had a working freezer. That's right. No ice cream people!!! Probably a good thing. But anyway, we came downstairs one day and the whole thing was dead. Fried! And smelly! So, we found a new fridge, bought it, borrowed a truck, called in some man-power. And voila!

I was up late Tuesday night, sicker than sick. So I decided to finally plug in the flat screen and DVD player that had been sitting on my dresser since I moved into my room in October. So at 2:00am I put in Pride & Prejudice (the new Keira Knightley version) which is hands down my all time favorite movie and silently weeped as I longed for a Mr. Darcy of my own. And of course coveted the dresses. OH THOSE DRESSES! I just love that movie!

Today was incredible! I spent the afternoon with my BFF Em at the LA temple. Did you know she and I met while at the MTC in Provo? She served in the hot south, while I was shipped off to the cold north and eventually we both made it back to the moderate temperatures of Southern California. Cute, right? Anyway, after our wonderful day in LA we stopped for some lunch at Five Guys. My fave burger joint ever! Oh, and did you know Cadbury mini-eggs are back on the shelves for Easter? Picked up a bag after lunch and pretty much demolished the entire thing while we sat in traffic and talked about our depressing love lives, or lack thereof.

Well, that's all I got for now. I'm sorry if you opened up your Google Reader thinking you were going to find some ridiculous rant about The Bachelor. I'm sorry, but it's Jake's fault for being so boring, slutty, and well, boring! I hope next week's "Women Tell All" gives me a little more to work with. Who am I kidding? Crazy Michelle's coming back. Get ready for some drama!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

{ A "BLISS"ful Valentines Weekend }

A friend of mine, Betti Bliss, owns the cutest little flower shop you've ever seen on Balboa Island called Bliss Fine Florals. It's absolutely charming! This weekend she enlisted my help to tackle the hundreds of orders she received for Valentines Day.

We honestly made so so so many arrangements! We worked around the clock and cranked them out, one after another. It actually made me wish I was this busy with flower orders all the time!

These dumb iPhone pics don't do it justice, but it's really the most darling shop ever. I kinda feel like it's the Anthro of flower shops, if that makes sense. Someday if I get gutsy enough to ask the bank for a fatty loan to open up my own flower shop, I'll want it to look something like this!

Betti loves to work with a lot of the same flowers I love to work with: lots of hydrangea, roses, tulips, cymbidiums, phalos, succulents, anemones, and tons of other fresh flowers. I wanted so badly to take home a vase stuffed full of nothing but tulips, my favorite!

And that's all I got for now. I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day full of love...and flowers!!! xoxo.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

{ Showers -AND- Flowers }

In my late twenties I find myself relating to the main character of one of my favorite movies, The Wedding Planner, when J-Lo said, "Y'know, 'those who can't do, teach?' Well those who can't wed, plan." So true. Oh so true!

Last weekend, I attended the bridal shower for two of not only my friends, but my newest clients. I feel so fortunate to have wonderful friends who trust my skill set and creativity to design them something phenomenal for their big day. Lucky me!

So for those of you interested in getting a little sneak peak at the flowers for these March weddings, check out these inspirational collages I put together for the brides and their handsome grooms:

"A Bicycle Built For Two"
Bride & Groom: Megan Shirey & Peter Ord
Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010
Colors: Orange, Green, Turquoise, Silver

"A Garden Celebration"
Bride & Groom: Jenni Jones & Phil Romero
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010
Colors: Yellow, Purple, Ivory

You'll all have to stay tuned to see how the real deal turns out. I can't wait for March! And as always, if you have any family, friends, co-workers, or anyone you know getting married and looking for a florist, send them my way!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

{ THE BACHELOR: Hometown Dates }

I'm sorry to keep you all on the edge of your seats, waiting for my Tuesday re-cap of The Bachelor. Life got busy so thanks for being patient. Now without any further adieu, here ya go friends...

I have to admit, I only 1/2 watched the show this week. I was caught somewhere between correcting 10 pages of Math homework (how am I supposed to know how many quarts are in a gallon!) and giving a 4 year old a bath while trying to keep the water IN the tub. Isn't babysitting the BEST! So, as far as commentary goes, this is all you're gonna get this week. Sorry. Take it or leave it:

GIA (New York, NY): I pretty much missed Jake and Gia's boat ride through New York City. Although, while pouring a glass of chocolate milk, I caught a glimpse of Gia snapping a "kissing" picture. Gross. Why do kissing pictures make me so uncomfortable? As for Gia's parents, I see where she gets her stunningly good looks...NOT!!!!!!

ALI (Williamstown, MA): I really don't remember much of this hometown date. I think I was reading the kids a story and tucking them into bed. I hear I didn't miss much though. Something about a tribute to a dead grandma? Yah, weird. So glad I jumped on the Tenley train while there was still time.

TENLEY (Newberg, OR): I can't get the awkward visual of Tenley's "lyrical dance" out of my head. I love Tenley, don't get me wrong. She's still my favorite, by a longshot, but it just made me uncomfortable (more so than Gia's kissing pictures) and weirded me out...a little. Anyway, her family was super sweet, she's super sweet, and it would be super sweet if Jake picked her to spend the rest of his boring life with.

VIENNA (Geneva, FL): Vienna sausage has got to go! I seriously have a hard time looking at the girl. The googley eyes, the orange spray tan, the bad hair extensions. They've got to go. All of them! And did anyone else squirm a litle when Vienna's dad walked in on them kissing on the bed? Awkward. Gross. Stop. It. Now.

As for the Rose Ceremony, or lack thereof, shoot me now! Why must everyone on this show act so dramatic? Enough is enough! As if Ali's dramatic-falling-on-the-floor-in-the-hotel-hallway wasn't enough to put you over the edge, then surely her hair had you rolling on the floor with laughter. Oh, that HAIR! And rumor on the street has it that she left Jake for her job at Facebook? Good choice Ali.

And Jake, don't think you're getting off the hook so easy. Why must you keel over and cry on the stairail and sob like you do! Grow some huevos and take it like a man! Then, get back in there and join the other 3 ladies and get ready for next week's "bang cards." Hahaha! That's what my roommate calls the "Fantasy Suite Card." Hahaha! Can't wait!

Monday, February 8, 2010

{ Artisan Productions Presents...}

Check out the highlights of Jeriann and Travis’s wedding at the Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach. Such a beautiful day for such a beautiful couple! Congratulations again Jeriann & Travis.

Video Courtesy :: Artisan Productions

Saturday, February 6, 2010

{ Travis & Jeriann's Winter Wedding }

I can't say enough wonderful things about the beautiful bride Jeriann and her adoring husband Travis. Back in December, I had the pleasure of designing the flowers for their wedding at The Montage Resort in Laguna Beach. The two were just an absolute joy to work with. I've never met a couple more in love!

Now let's fast forward to this morning. While going through my emails, I found the most wonderful email from Jeriann in my inbox, along with a myriad of photographs, and was absolutely overjoyed as I read through it. I thought I'd share little snippets of it with you, along with some of the incredible images from her special day.

"...Travis and I are in the process of writing our thank you notes and we just can't seem to say enough about how wonderful everything was. Including the amazing work you and Hannah put into completing our vision. We were so thrilled..."

"...Thank you for all your hard work. I know I have no idea the amount of time and energy you put into making our floral arrangements..."

"...Good luck with your venture into the florist business. I know you will be very successful. I will MOST DEFINITELY recommend you to anyone who is in need of an awesome florist. Thanks again for everything!"

Did I not tell you they were incredible? I highly recommend visiting my floral blog DESIGN BY AUBREY to see the images up close and personal. Click HERE to see them in all their high resolution glory. And while you're at it, become a "Follower" if you feel so inclined. Thanks!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

{ My Roommate :: The Yogi }

Meet my roommate Kiele. She's a yoga instructor and she's amazing! I've been going to her class and others for over a week and still loving it. I feel stronger, skinnier, more flexible, I eat healthier, and have a lot more energy on my morning runs.

If you live in the Orange County area and would like to take one of Kiele's classes, which I highly recommend, join her at Corepower Yoga in Huntington Beach and get your 1st week for FREE! And don't forget to tell them I referred you! Gotta go...off to another amazing yoga class!

photo credit :: Pete Bradshaw

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

{ THE BACHELOR: What Not To Wear? }

Are you kidding me? How awful were the wardrobes on Monday night's episode of the Bachelor? I was dying! From Jake's horrible turtlenecks (which a few ladies actually argued that they were nice...ewwww!), his high-wasted-too-tight-in-the-thigh grandpa jeans, Gia's disgraceful short sleeve turtleneck lace something-or-other, and Vienna's ridiculous hot pink sequined tank. We want Jillian! Bring back Jillian!

Anyway, it's late and I'm exhausted from a long night of entertaining and making toasts til 1:00am, so I'll make this one as quick and painless as possible:

Corrie- Was anyone else waiting for the song "Kiss The Girl" from the Little Mermaid soundtrack to cue as Jake and Corrie paddled through the San Fran pond? What was his problem! As my friend Candace would say "Grab a life, Jake!" Oh well, we all knew she was going home. Stay sweet Corrie. Your prince charming will find you.

Ali- She's still cute as a bug but her attitude kind of stinks. I'm glad she's still around for another week...probably her last week. Sad, but true. And I'm not quite sure about the awkward park straddle, but I guess we should be used to that stuff by now. After all, this is the Bachelor!

Gia- She's hot! No wonder Jake is keeping her around. Loved her dress at the rose ceremony. Totally something I'd want for my closet. And did anyone catch my favorite line of the night when she dissed Vienna to go hang out with Jake. I believe her exact words were: "You can eat my salmon." Ha! Classic.

Vienna- Can we please just put a bag on her head? I mean, that's a little harsh, but seriously. Someone get the girlfriend a new shade of eyeshadow or something! Why do I have a sneaking suspicion she's not going home next week. I'm gonna have to agree with Tristen when she said "I call it...that crazy eyed tranny is going to win it!"

Tenley- Who doesn't love Tenley? I'm tellin' you, this girl is the next Bachelorette material. Don't disappoint me ABC! I'm counting on your for an incredible next season!