Friday, June 26, 2009

{ OH! C-A-N-A-D-A }

Today I board a plane to Canada! I'm going to be meeting up with my old companion and trainer from the mission field and together we'll be taking one of the girls we taught and baptized through the Regina Temple to receive her endowment. I couldn't be more excited!!! The chain of events that led me to this point are truly miraculous and I have no doubt that this is where the Lord wants me to be this weekend. It's kind of a long story, but I promise it is so worth it...

I've known that Stacey, the member we helped bring into the church, was planning on going through the temple this summer, but I wasn't sure I would be able to leave my work and other responsibilities behind. Really what it came down to is that it wasn't very high on my list of priorities. Shame on me. Well, this weekend at Stake Conference was the first of many very strong spiritual impressions I received that called me to repentance and urged me to go to Canada this weekend.

Our San Clemente Stake President, President Reese, was at the pulpit and reminded the members of the mission he had for our stake. He proceeded to tell us that we needed to be more faithful in helping our brothers and sisters to receive the next ordinance in the church and how it was our responsibility and duty as members of the church. Wow! It hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew I needed to help Stacey receive the next ordinance, but also was very realistic in my realization that I had not the time, nor means to get to Canada by the weekend.

I went home that night and could NOT fall asleep. I tried to blame it on the excessive amount of Diet Cokes I consumed earlier in the day. But no, that wasn't it. I was absolutely restless thinking about how I was going to get to Canada. I began checking flights and resolved that I was going to spend the money, however much, and just go. Where the money would come from, I didn't know. But I knew I needed to be in the Regina Temple on Saturday with Stacey.

Monday morning I woke up and forgot all about the restless events of the night before and opened my laptop, got on the phone, and started doing a little business form home. Shortly after I began working a call came from my boss saying that he'd like to drop off a few checks for me at the shop and was hoping I could come in and pick them up. He said that one was for our photographer, and the other was my bonus check for a job well done on our last event.

I hurried down to the shop and when I opened my check, I was shocked. I thought to myself "Sweet! Shopping spree!!!" Shame on me. But just then, it hit me AGAIN! A voice inside my head said "Aubrey, why don't you use the money to buy a plane ticket to Canada? You know you need to be in the temple this weekend." I must admit, the natural man inside me hesitated and took some time to think about the many great things I could do with the money. I resolved that I would give myself some more time to think it over (afterall, this was going to be a huge sacrifice). I decided I would go to Family Home Evening where I could be close to the Spirit one more time before making my decision.

Well, wouldn't ya know. The lesson was on the blessings of the temple. Another brick thrown at my face! I had chills run up my spine and I knew that again, the Lord had witnessed to me what I was to do with the money. I came home, watched The Bachelorette (of course!), and then bought myself a round trip ticket from LAX to Regina, Saskatchewan.

So there you have it. I'm off to spend a week in Canada with Stacey and the people I loved and served for 18 months of my life. I can't wait! Oh, and here's a little gem I found of Sister Cox, Stacey, and me from way back when. Brings back memories. It's going to be amazing to be back in Canada together. See you when I get back!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

water changes everything.

Last week my friend Brock invited me to Billabong's 3rd Annual "Design For Humanity" Event to benefit charity: water, a nonprofit organization that helps provide clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

The one-night fashion, music, and art event went down at the Avalon/Bardot on Hollywood and Vine. The annual event began as a way for Billabong to give back to a non-profit close to its heart, but now offers a chance for retailers, athletes, celebrities, artists and the general public to give back as well.

The evening began with an art show and auction in the Bardot club, followed by a bikini fashion show, and finished up with a performance from two bands: Iglu & Hartley and The Airborne Toxic Event. Thanks again Brock for the invite. I had a blast!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

{ Happy Birthday Paula! }

Saturday night after Stake Conference, the Paula Fan Club gathered to celebrate the birth of this fabulously hot mamma, Miss Paula Peralta. How can one not love a girl with a face like that? Impossible.

The masses congregated at our house for a little cake, ice cream, and even some cherry Jell-O jigglers. I don't know if you've heard, but Jell-O's making a huge comeback this season.

Happy 28th Birthday Paula! This post is dedicated to you: the woman whose voice sings sunshine into my heart and whose glee brings merriment and malicious satisfaction to my soul.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Monday night we had the girls over for another ridiculously fabulous episode of The Bachelorette to watch Jillian and her eight remaining bachelors board a train from Whistler, British Columbia to Banff, Alberta.

I wanna start off by talking about the guys that were sent home. Poor Robby. All alone in the Canadian wilderness. And I thought the city bus dismissal was bad! This show is beyond cruel. However, I actually think I'd be more prone to laugh than cry if it were me watching the other guys wave goodbye from the window.

I'm sure you'll all agree that Tanner totally signed his own death sentence when he unzipped those pants. I still can't get the visual of his crotch out of my head. What was he thinking? The best part was Jill's commentary. "Although it was huge, I didn't need to see it..." You took the words right out of my mouth Jill!

And poor Jake. I'm sorry you were sent home. But truly, it's not you, it's just that you and Jill aren't a match. But...if you're into set-ups, my roommate Katie's available and she thinks you're HOT!!!

And now for a little breakdown on the guys who will be taking Jillian to meet the parents on some hometown dates...

MICHAEL (Astoria, NY): The girls and I were glad to see Michael stay. There is just something about him that is so charming. His sense of humor is to die for, and I think the hometown would not be as fun without him. Although...I did question Jill's motive. Jill, are you sure you didn't just want to do a little NYC shopping while you're there? Either way, I'm glad Michael stayed.

WES (Austin, TX): There are no words vile enough to describe this filthy excuse for a human being. He's the one that deserved to be left by the side of the train! Did you hear the things that came out of his mouth last night? Allow me to remind you: "I'll always have Jill wrapped around my little finger, ya'll. Believe it." And how can we forgot this gem: "I got my publicity, and now if I want I can stay and try to get the girl." What a scum bucket. Jill, you are truly retarded if you can't see through all of his B.S. Good luck to you and your messy divorce if you choose him. All I can say is "Don't mess with Texas!"

JESSE (Carmel Valley, CA):I'm sorry if you're a Jesse fan, but I'm not. Booooring. Just not my kind of cute either. Anyway, you might find it interesting to know that he's been living on my friend's couch in LA for the last little while. Speculate all your want about that. I'll have my people do a little more investigating.

KIPTYN (Encinitas, CA): Jillian is definitely still diggin' on Kip. And who wouldn't? He may be the world's most awkward on-camera kisser, but dang is he HOT! I seriously hope he makes it all the way to the final two.

REID (Philadelphia, PA): I was a little nervous when the other guys on the train were describing Reid as being weird and neurotic. I happen to think he's funny, charming, and maybe a little quirky. I think they're all just jealous of the connection he has with Jill. And to be honest, whenever I see Reid my ears turn red. Isn't that weird? It's probably just high blood pressure. Oh, and Reid, when in doubt...ALWAYS wear those glasses. So hot!

Monday, June 22, 2009

:: El Hombre Had An Accidente ::

I got the call Saturday afternoon that my brother was in the emergency room being casted for a broken ankle. Dork. When I asked for the full story my mom said that Scotty had a few hours to kill before his job interview with Quicksilver so he headed down to Laguna for a little skim session. While skimming the shore breaks at Thalia, he hit the skim wrong and the board came up from under him, causing Scott to slip and land with his right ankle folded beneath him. Ouch!

Poor kid will be out of commission for 8-12 weeks. That's pretty much his entire summer vacation. He's also supposed to be leaving for Hawaii in a couple days, a trip he might not be able to go on anymore. AND, he was supposed to start Lacrosse camp the week after that. Poor kid.

But don't worry, the story has a happy ending. After being casted he got a ride to his job interview. We were all pretty sure he wouldn't be offered the position with a freshly casted leg. But to our surprise, HE GOT THE JOB! Way to go Scotty! Now all you have to do is heal that bad boy so you can start making mucho dinero. PS- Shave that dirty mexi stache please.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

:: Opposites Attract ::

I decided to do a little white, grey, and crimson ensemble for our San Clemente Stake Conference with Elder Bednar Saturday night. Turns out Tory had the same idea. Great minds think alike!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

{ Demolition HOBBY House }

Back in late 2008, my roommate Allie's parents hired me on as the designer for the extensive remodel of their hillside property in Trabuco Canyon. After months and months of patiently awaiting the city's response to the changes, the plans were approved and demolition has finally begun. This picture may not look like much, but to me it means PROGRESS!

I've spent the last several weeks walking the house with the Hobbins and their contractors, deciding what would stay and what would go. On Thursday's walk through much of the new framing was up so Diane and I took measurements and then headed off to Long Beach for a day of designing! With most of the appliances and granite slabs decided on, we worked on the design of the kitchen cabinets, selected sinks, faucets, began the search for the perfect baseboard and crown moldings, and much more. If all goes according to plan, the Hobbins will have a gorgeous new home to show off for the holidays!

Friday, June 19, 2009

:: Casa California ::

I was making a flower delivery the other day when I drove past this gorgeous Mission style home in an older neighborhood of Laguna Niguel. I know I'm so weird, but when I saw it I just died! I stopped, rolled down the window, and took a picture on my iPhone. Seriously? Who does that?

I've mentioned this before, but if I could design my dream home, it would be a Spanish Hacienda. This home is pretty much perfect if you ask me. I love the architecture, the bright white stucco, terracotta tiles, mahogany gate and garage doors, and even the landscape with perfectly manicured hedges, gnarled olive trees, and overgrown roses. I love everything about it. I can totally imagine myself living in a home just like this someday with my future husband and four boys. Hey, it could happen?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

:: Engagement Party ::

I was so excited to attend my first Engagement Party this week for two of my favorite couples, Lodney (Lisa & Rodney) and Bramber (Bryan & Amber).

The girls went all out on the dinner menu, providing their guests with Amber's rosemary salted pork tenderloin, Lisa's fresh garden vegetables, Kiele's incredible summer salad (that tasted more like dessert), and Erin's delectable lemon zest cupcakes served with Holly's homemade vanilla ice cream. My friends are honestly so incredible!

And just a little FYI- I can now add Wedding Planner to my list of job titles. My friend Shauna and I are busy planning the most incredible wedding reception for Miss Lisa and her soon to be husband on August 22nd. Think mango, lemon, and pink grapefruit! It's going to be oh-so-tangy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Newport Coast McMansion

Some days I find myself reminiscing in the memories of my old job as an Interior Design at Fari International. Yesterday, while reliving the nostalgia, I decided to visit their website and browse pictures of past projects I worked on, when to my surprise, new images had been posted of the last project I helped design.

Although I was no longer with the company for the installation of this home, I was one of the designers behind all the walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets, finishes, fabrics, and furniture selections. Briana, my partner in crime on this project, did such an incredible job bringing our concepts to life. Briana, if you're reading this, which I'm sure you are, you are one incredible designer and I admire you for your talent!

Okay, drum roll please....Allow me to introduce "The McMansion," a 30,000+ square foot (no, I didn't add an extra zero) Italian-style Villa nestled on the Newport Coast.

This grand entry proves no disguise for what awaits the eye as you enter it's corridors. Painstakingly wrapped solid limestone slabs cling to the walls from floor to ceiling. Finished with a custom made wrought iron stair rail, this entry is fit for a king.

The formal Living Room lined from wall to wall in the finest upholstery, is decorated with the finest moldings, dazzling silk draperies, and outfitted with Ebanista fabric, furniture, and accessories.

The formal Dining Room greets it's guests with careful craftsmanship with its custom designed moldings, showing off the signature Fari style.

Attention to detail is what makes this Kitchen and Nook so exquisite. Look closely at the range wall behind the table and you'll notice gorgeous hand painted black & white tiles imported from Europe. I love the way they contrast the rich custom cabinets and polished nickel plumbing fixtures.

With five children, this family needed a large Family Room for gatherings and social events. The comfortable seating is appropriately paired with more sophisticated touches in the ceiling beams and the incredibly grand fireplace, carved from the finest Phoenician stone.

Blurring the border between inside and out is essential in this coastal community. The back wall of the Family Room was designed to open and disappear into the wall, creating an outdoor Loggia. If you'll look carefully you can see the faint line between ocean and sky in the distance. It is by far one of the most breathtaking Catalina views you will ever behold.

Look out below! This hallways features one of my favorite floors specified throughout the home. It's a gorgeous stained walnut with inlaid creme marfil marble. I insisted we use this fill. It is beyond stunning and cost a pretty penny too.

The study was an exciting project to work on. The cabinets (not featured) were all stained to match the molding featured throughout the perimeter of the room. The windows were framed with these gorgeous arches that send the eye upward where one can enjoy the intricacy of the custom moldings.

This Master Bedroom is one of the most exquisite I have ever seen. There is truly no unforgotten detail. A MASTERpiece indeed!

And finally, I love the way the dark woods lend to the masculine feel of this basement space which features a one-of-a-kind Bar, complete with everything a man might need for a little "man-cation" away from the wife and kids.

The home also features four children's bedrooms, a secondary kitchen, craft room, elevator, master closets bigger than your entire apartment, a wine cellar, exercise room, maid's suite, pool house, guest suite, theater, and more. Just use your imagination. And then imagine that it's ten times better than that! Absolutely incredible!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bachelorette: Canada's Sweetheart

Welcome back to another Tuesday edition of "The Bachelorette" recap. This week the ladies and I decided to "forgo our individual suites" and watch Episode 5 at Bishop Bruce's house after Family Home Evening. Of course he pretended to go to bed while his wife stayed up with the ladies, but we know all know he went upstairs to where to enjoy the show in peace and quiet. I don't blame him. It was noisy crowd and we all know who's to blame. are all uninvited next week! Sorry.

Anyway, Monday night's episode of the Bachelorette found Jillian and her bachelors in the serene mountain town of Whistler, British Columbia. A location high on my bucket list. So beautiful! And in case you're wondering, I'm still Team Reid/Kiptyn. Okay, now let's get on to the good stuff:

MICHAEL: Michael and Jill had a great date together swinging through the trees of Whistler. He was funny, charming, and totally cute. However, I'm going to have to disagree with Michael when he said they had a total "spark of awesomeness!" Funny, but no. I think Michael's a little to young, and honestly, maybe a little TOO fun for her. Jill needs a more mellow man. And that's just not Michael.

WESS: I am soooo grateful we didn't have to hear any crappy country songs last night from Wess. Thank heaven! Speaking of Wess, did anyone else notice how Jill suddenly became a different person around him. I mean, it might just be the result of some sneaky editing, but as soon as Jill sat down with Wess, she dropped the s-bomb. Come on Jill. I thought you were a lot classier than that.

KIPTYN: Speaking of classy...thank you Jill for asking Kiptyn to feel your butt. What? Smooth move Jill! But I don't really blame her. He's so hot that whenever he's around, she completely forgets how to be a normal human being. Been there. Done that.

REID: Uh, how cute is Reid? I seriously can't handle it. In the words of Jesse, "When [he] talks, I listen. It's arousing!" If he doesn't make it into the final two I'd be shocked.

JESSE: He doesn't do it for me. It seems like she's into him and they had a great time on their private glacier. But I just don't see it progressing to the end. And what kind of compliment is "You have the body of a gymnast." No Jill, you do not look like Shawn Johnson.

ED: I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say that Ed made the right decision to leave the show. Although it was sad to see him go, we all know the mutual feelings of interest would have never held out 'til the last rose. And you might not feel the same, but it really upset me how emotional Jill was when Ed left. I think she was being completely selfish and it really bothered me. Let him go Jill.

And that's all I've got for this episode. What I really wanna talk about is the preview they showed for the upcoming episode(s). We obviously know now that Reid makes it to the final three. How do we know? Well, the dumb producers gave away that he's invited to stay with Jill in the fantasy suite; something that doesn't happen until the final 3. But whatever, we all knew he would make it to the final few anyway. And what's this about a problem in the bedroom? Guaranteed it's something much stupider (is that a word?) than we're all led to believe. I can't wait!

Ps- Jill, where did you get those sunglasses? I saw you wear them on last night's episode again. So cute! Oh, and FYI, a little heavy on the eyeliner last night. You're a beautiful girl. Don't overdo it. That's all.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Date. Canceled.

He stood me up! Can you believe it? This cute little Avocado monster stood me up for my date tonight. I mean, if my own nephew won't even go out with me, there is just no hope for me. So sad!

Jacki called yesterday to let me know she would be unable to bring my Little D to California for the week. Tragic! I guess I'll just have to wait until July to kiss those sweet cheeks! Auntie Aubrey will be missing you Dallen!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Apostolic Blessings and Such...

Saturday and Sunday I had the opportunity to hear Elder Richard G. Scott, an apostle of the Lord, speak to the Laguna Niguel Stake. I'm not technically in that stake, but since our singles ward draws members from their boundaries, our bishopric encouraged us to attend. Love them for that! I learned so many profound principles that I thought I'd take a moment to share some of my notes with those that are interesting in being enlightened by a servant of the Lord. I took copious notes on my iPhone (I'm sure people thought I was rudely texting during his talk) and I wanted to share a few of my favorite points from his noteworthy remarks on Faith & Character:

- "If you know something comes from the Lord, no matter how hard it is, you can do it and you will be blessed for following through."
- "Character is the manifestation of what you are becoming."
- "An easy and uncomplicated life will keep us from developing character."
- "Even with the strongest faith, God will not always reward you immediately according to your desires. Rather, He will respond with what in His eternal plan is best for you."
- "Your exercise of faith will forge strength of character available to you in times of critical need..."

After divulging the mystery's of heaven, Elder Scott concluded the meeting with his testimony of the Atonement and its saving power. He then left us all with an apostolic blessing that if we would search, ponder, and pray to understand the Atonement more, great vistas of knowledge would be opened up to us. How cool is that? I know what I'll be studying for the next little while.

At the conclusion of the meeting I snuck up to the front to shake hands with Elder Scott. As he embraced my hand, I reminded him of the time we first met when I was a missionary in the MTC, preparing to serve for a year and a half in Canada. He looked into my eyes (and probably right through to my soul) and told me how wonderful it was that I served a mission and how it would bless me for the rest of my life. I quickly responded with "...for eternity." He smiled. I smiled. And it was confirmed to me again that he is indeed a prophet of the Lord!

Friday, June 12, 2009

San Clemente Stake Temple Day!

"Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,...and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths..." Isaiah 2:3

Oh how I love this beautiful House of the Lord! In preparation for next week's Stake Conference, the members of the San Clemente Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were invited to participate in Thursday's all-day Stake Temple Day at the Newport Beach Temple.

Our bishopric strongly encouraged the San Clemente 5th Ward members to clear their schedules and take the day off school or work to give as much of their time at the temple as possible. Because my roommates and I never back down on a challenge, we made it our mission to be at the temple from 9am to 9pm. And we did it!

It was such an awesome experience to be able to participate in all of the ordinances from sun up to sun down. I left that sacred edifice feeling stronger, happier and more excited about life than I have in a long time! I am so ready for our highly anticipated Stake Conference and look forward to more learning and growth as we have the blessed opportunity to hear from a chosen apostle of the Lord.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"A Modern Night" - Live Auction

My friend Mike likes to party. He also likes to take pictures. And he's really really ridiculously good at it. That's why I called him to shoot the latest creations by De La Rose for the Orange County Museum of Art's "A Modern Night" Live Auction.

Last Friday all the best dressed of Orange County came out to party at the Westin South Coast Plaza and them party people was stylin! Among those in attendance were several of my old Fari clients which provided for some exciting reunions.

De La Rose was commissioned to provide 36 modern succulent branches as the centerpieces for the Orange County event. I need to give a quick shout out to my incredible mother who for 2 days came into our shop and let me work her like a slave so we could have these here beauties done in time. Mother, what would I do without you! Check out the final product:

Pretty amazing, right? If you know what's good for you you'll check out the rest of the images on Mike Cunningham's photography blog, The Digital Orange. Mike, you rock! Mostly because you have the ability to make me look like this...even after I've been sweating like a pig and working like a dog for 12 hours straight. So thank you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Best Friends Day!

I don't know if anyone told you or not, but Tuesday was National Best Friends Day! To celebrate the occasion one of my best friends, Miss Paula Peralta, took me on a date to the Dollar Theater in Irvine to see my favorite man in the entire world. I'm talking about THE Paul Walker in the movie Fast and Furious. And before you go telling me how ridiculous I am for being in love with Paul Walker, I want you to know this: I'm okay with the fact that he's not a good actor. In fact, I think he's a horrible actor. And I'm okay with it because if he was, he could quite possibly reach PERFECTION, and I'm pretty sure there's only one man allowed to be perfect during their mortal sojourn in life.

So with that out out of the way, I LOVED the movie. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and wiping the drool from the sides of my mouth every 10 seconds. Someday I hope to meet that man and profess my undying love and affection for him. I don't know if you all know this or not, but he told me he likes my name. Well, he didn't tell ME, but he told my best friend Allison Montano when she met him at Islands restaurant in Mission Viejo while she was working there back in High School. Their conversation went something like this:

Allison: Paul, my best friend's in love with you and would love your autograph. Will you sign the back of this coaster for her?
Paul: Sure thing. Who do I make it out to?
Allison: Her name is Aubrey.
Paul: Tell your friend she has a beautiful name.

And there you have it folks. He loves my name! We are so gonna get married someday. I keep his autograph in a little silver frame on my bookshelf so I can gaze at it every night before I drift off into a peaceful slumber. Ok, so maybe that last part isn't true, but I do love you Paul Walker. Call me!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Bachelorette: OH CANADA!

If you haven't figured it out by now, I have this slight love affair with ABC's The Bachelorette. Maybe it's because Jillian's from Canada where I spent a year and a half of my life serving the people of that glorious and frigid country. Or maybe it's because she just so happens to be a twenty-something loveless Interior Designer like myself. Whatever the reason, I just love Jill, and I love this show.

Ok, I have a confession to make. Don't freak out, but I think I'm now Team Reid/Kiptyn. And no, this is not the same as last week. It's very different. Last week I was Team Kiptyn/Reid. See the difference? I think it was those Dean Cain/Superman glasses he was wearing that tipped me over the top. I was squirming in my chair everytime his charming face came on the screen! But don't worry. I'm not done with Kiptyn so soon. If anyone can keep me away from my Superman, it's Kiptyn with his Kiptynite. Yes, I DID just say that. Deal with it.

Oh my gosh, how awesome that upon arrival to Canada Jill took the boys Curling! It just so happens that the first night of my mission in Regina, Saskatchewan the YSA ward I was serving in invited us to their Curling activity. Soooo fun! And I must say, it is definitely a lot harder than it looks. I think my favorite line from last night's show came from Michael at the end of their Curling competition when he threw the last stone for the blue team and cried "We're just a loserish blob of blue nothingness!" He is definitely the funny man on the show! I hope he sticks around a while longer.

After the game the losers had to hightail it back to the hotel suite while the winners joined Jillian for some drinks and more "getting to know you" time. This is where the MOST awkward and shameful moment of the show occurred. I'm almost embarrassed to repeat it, but repeat I must. While suffering through some one-on-one time with Jillian in her darling red blouse, (which I'm sure she regretted wearing later) David reached over mid-conversation and adjusted the plunging neckline. Ahhhhh!!! Total boob graze people! Not even an accidental one! WHAT WAS HE THINKING! All I remember going through my head at that moment were the 3 D's: Disrespectful, Delusional, Dirt bag! So glad he got the boot last night.

As for the girlfriend scandal, there's really nothing to discuss. It's slithery slimy Wess and he's gonna be choking on his guitar strings next week when Jill finds out. Jill could really learn a thing or two from my friend Meiko:

Monday, June 8, 2009

Guess Who's Crawling Into Town!

Monday morning my phone rang and it was my little sister Jacki Lynn on the other line. She had a proposition for me. Here's how the conversation went:

Jacki: "Are you busy next Monday night? There's a guy I wanna set you up with."
Me: "Hang on. Let me check my schedule...Yah, I'm free!"
Jacki: "Ok good. He's kinda short so you won't be able to wear heels. Is that ok?"
Me: "Yah. Of course. How tall is he exactly?"
Jacki: "He's 2-ft. tall."
Me: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Dallen is coming to town!"

So I guess I've got a hot date Monday with this little looker. He's 8 months old today, crawling, talking jibberish, and has his first tooth. I hope he's okay with kissing on the first date. :)