Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice Skating Extravaganza

This weekend could not have been more fun! I LOVE ice skating and I LOVE these ladies. Saturday night we all headed up north to join some friends for the Multi-Stake YSA Ice Skating Extravaganza and had ourselves a blast.

We were all pretty excited that the admission and skate rentals were FREE! Well, everyone but Tristen. And please notice that Paula is so DIVA that she requested Katie Hatch put her skates on for her. Dear Paula, I heart you.

Of course we made a scene the entire time we were on the ice, showing off as we whipped each other around, trying to knock each other over. Poor Paula, there she is again, scared stupid that we might try and knock her down.

After a few good skates around the rink, the party really got going when they started the skating competition. You know I was ALL over that. They had the men and women compete in a 100m dash on ice. And in case you don't know me, skating ridiculously fast just so happens to be my specialty.

Here is my victory picture. What? You didn't believe that I could win. Shame on you. I SMOKED the competition. When asked "What's your secret?" I tell them it's gotta be my black Bauer hockey skates that I've had since the 7th grade! Yup. Still fit. These Sour Patch Kids are for you Bauer.


Kim said...

Truly amazing that you can skate so FAST on those old skates! Aren't you glad I didn't donate those things while you were away on your mish? Yep, I knew I would get in trouble if I did...

Laura said...

That's awesome Aubs! Way to go!