Monday, October 5, 2009

{ House Of Blues: San Diego }

Saturday night while all the boys were away at the Priesthood Session of General Conference, the girlfriends and I snuck down to the House of Blues in San Diego to see one of our favorites: Miss Ingrid Michaelson.

Greg Holden, a dangerously cute Brit from Lancashire, opened the show and swooned the ladies with his guitar and boyishly good looks. After the show I noticed him standing in the back of the crowd. I really wanted to walk over and tell him that I was in love with him, I mean, that he did a really great job but...I chickened out. Lame, I know.

The rest of the concert was amazing. Ingrid is seriously so funny and an incredibly talented musician. My favorite song of the night was "Maybe". Love that song! She even invited singer/songwriter Greg Laswell, the opening act from the last House of Blues Tour to sing a song they wrote together. Cutest duet ever. Great concert Ingrid!


nerak said...

I'm pretty sure Greg and Ingrid are totally in love. And that made me even MORE in love with the amazingness of our Ingrid night. I love when people I love are in love with each other.

aprilgusty said...

Oh I am going tomorrow night in LA!! I am so excited. Glad you liked the show!