Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Complicated

Can I please start off by first saying how incredibly beautiful Saturday was! I'm loving this 80 degree weather in January. Bring on the beach days! Saturday afternoon after a delicious breakfast and a special visit from the lovable Mary Ellen Edmunds at the San Clemente Stake Enrichment, I headed up to Huntington Beach for the fourth time this week to join the Piersiders and this hot mamma at 17th Street. For months I've had a little girl-crush on this one and we've finally both confessed our obsession with one another.

After a few hours of just relaxing in the sun it was time to do something a little more energetic so I hopped on my longboard and met up with some friends for a game of beach volleyball. After a few kills and some serious style points, we called it quits and headed to Chronic for some grub. Then, it was off to my other girlfriend's house, Emily Hatch, to help her get ready for a hot date. I love that Miss Hatch talked to her date beforehand to make sure that her hot new red jeans would be appropriate for the date. How could any man resist the seductive power of the red pants!

With Em gone for the night it was time to reunite with Miss Hawley again and get our groove on at Woody's Wharf in Newport Beach. Before we all left I went over to Miss Hawley's house to help her get ready. When we started going through what dress she would wear dancing, she came across this ladybug inspired dance costume she wore in the 8th grade. She decided to try it on as a joke, but with a little coaxing from her roommate we convinced her to wear it out. It made me love her all the more for it. I love my girlfriends.

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Emily Sue said...

Oh wow!! I love Miss Erin Hawley for that!!! I wish I could fit into my 8th grade dresses. :) I love that you posted that pic of me..sheesh. You are fab and it was really fun playing this weekend. Love you!!!