Thursday, April 29, 2010

{ Travel Is My Boyfriend }

Last week I booked a ticket to visit my friend Karen in Vancouver, Canada over Memorial Day weekend. I've never been to British Columbia but I've heard nothing but incredible things about it. The plan is to hit 4 cities in 4 days: Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, and Whistler. Needless to say, I'm beyond excited for my little adventure. Here's the tentative itinerary Karen sent me. The girl's got me doing back flips I'm so happy!!!

FRIDAY: dinner in Seattle, also Jo might throw a party at her grandma’s house, it’s amazing. (Jo is the friend we'll be staying with in Seattle)

SATURDAY: get up early, go to the Pike Place market, perhaps the gum wall, etc. From here we could take a ferry to Victoria, go to the gardens, stay the night with my brother, have him show us something citywise for dinner, etc.SUNDAY: ferry to Vancouver, bike ride around Stanley Park seawall, go to the Granville Island market, dinner somewhere fabulous

MONDAY: daytrip to Whistler (we could go zip lining or bungee jumping, or just explore the village which is a ton of fun, and lots of great dance clubs in Whistler, drive back to Vancouver Monday night)

TUESDAY: flight out!

How bad do I wish I was in Canada RIGHT NOW! Alas, I have 4 more weddings to do before the end of May. I'm pretty sure I'll be needing a vaca real bad by then. BC, hope you're ready for me!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

{ April In Arizona }

I'm back! And feeling much better. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. There's not much worse than a bug in the tummy. Anywazoo...looking back on my trip, I've decided that April is the absolute best time to visit Arizona. The weather is perfect! The sun is warm enough to lay out, but the breeze is cool enough to keep you from hiding in the shade. Awe, I love it! Here's a little play-by-play from my weekend getaway. Did that just rhyme? :)

FRIDAY: Got into town and had some play time with the D man. Went to dinner at Costa Vida (a must!), threw some wishes in the fountain (as usual), read some books in Barnes & Noble, and then sent Mommy & Daddy on a date so Dallen and I could watch a movie and have some bonding time.

SATURDAY: Went to the ward BBQ at the park, took lots of pictures, dropped Dallen off for a nap with Daddy so the girls could enjoy some R&R at the pool, met back up with the boys and went to a Diamondbacks game, retired the kiddo (and the parentals) for the night and I snuck out to meet back up with the girlies and cause a raucous all over town. Good times!

SUNDAY: Running on little to no sleep, went to early morning church with the munchkin, then double timed it with a little more church in Scottsdale, had dinner with the cousins, hit the road, and made it home just in time to start puking my guts out....for the rest of the night.

So besides the whole throwing up thing, it was one FABULOUS weekend! I think I'll do it again real soon. Like, maybe this weekend? We shall see...

Monday, April 26, 2010

{ Home Not So Sweet Home }

I'm home from another wonderful weekend adventure in AZ, and while I should be at work catching up on emails and such, I'm at home in bed. Or rather, lying on the bathroom floor in anticipation of the next stomach fit to send my face back to the bowl. Too graphic? Sorry, I've got the flu.

Anyway, thought I'd update the blog real quick with a darling picture of the love of my life. Dallen (18 mo.) learned a new word this weekend: "Aubrey!" And he wouldn't stop saying it. I can't even tell you how sweet those syllables sounded coming from that precious little face.

I snapped this adorable picture while attending my sister and brother-in-law's Ward BBQ on Saturday. People probably wondered who the paparazzi was following around the cute kid in the striped polo. That would be the crazy Auntie!

I can't wait to post more when I get back my strength. But for now I'm going back to bed to get some rest and sip my 7up, very slowly! Hope to be back sooner than later. Adieu.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

{ Caitlin Wilson Design }

I love beautiful design. It's no secret. But it's not too often that I fall so completely in love with a space that I can actually say out loud "I could live there. Just put my clothes in the closet. I'm home." But today it happened.

I stumbled across the incredibly talented interior designer Caitlin Wilson and this gorgeous home she designed for a client, and I'm in love. Completely and utterly in love. I mean, it probably doesn't help that she's beautiful and has the cutest baby ever and I wish I could be her. But all the same, I'm in love with this home.

{ All Photos Courtesy :: A Little Sussy }

Monday, April 19, 2010

{ Canoeing The Colorado River }

Last weekend my ward and I embarked on a 2 day adventure down the Colorado river...on canoes! And it was the most fun I've ever had on a ward trip. Ever! We canoed, we camped, we hiked (oh did we hike!), we swam, dove off cliffs, raced canoes (we won of course!), skipped rocks with the boys, saw petroglyphs, explored caves, relaxed in hot springs, and took lots and lots of pictures to document it. And here they are. Enjoy!

If you're absolutely dying to see more (you know you are), visit facebook. You just might see me in all my swan dive glory. The end.

Friday, April 16, 2010

{ Emersonmade :: Handmade Flowers }

Have you fallen in love with Emersonmade yet? Becuase if you haven't, you're about to. I simply adore their elegant, understated beauty. What's not to love!