Monday, February 16, 2009

A Valentine's Wedding

This Valentine's Day my cousin Chad and his sweetheart Katie tied the knot! It was a small and simple ceremony held at my Aunt & Uncle's beautiful home in Irvine. I was extra excited to have my adorable little nephew Dallen there, along with my two sisters, and brother-in-law who flew/drove-in for the occassion.

After the ceremony we celebrated with delicious food, fun friends and COUSINS! I absolutely adore my cousins and wish ALL of them could've been there to celebrate with us. And YES, my sister Jacki is a natural blonde and is NOT the milk man's daughter. I love her goldilocks!

Before it was time to go, Dallen wanted to give his Great Grandma a hug and kiss good bye. He was immediately drawn to her pretty pink lipstick and dark brown locks. He kept touching her face as if to memorize every square inch. Or maybe he was just trying to figure out the secret to her beauty. I mean, seriously! Doesn't my grandma look AMAZING! I pray I got her genes.


Jessica Reeves said...

I can't believe how big Dallen looks already! He is so adorable! You look fantastic as usual!!

Heather said...

Aubs - do you remember at Jacki and Mark's wedding when Hailey was just a teensy tiny thing....she screamed and cried the ENTIRE time until Grandma Janice picked her up and all of a sudden the screaming stopped and she was completely calm! She's like the baby whisperer I swear! Babies LOVE her, and it's easy to see why! She's so great! Tell Chad congrats from me....and Mark and Ruthie too! :)
Love ya!
Oh yea!.....sorry about the whole Jillian thing on Bachelor btw! What is he THINKING???!!!