Tuesday, January 26, 2010

{ THE BACHELOR: Girls Camp }

Thank you ABC for another incredibly ridiculous week of The Bachelor! I don't know about all of you, but if I was told to pack up my things because I'd be spending the next month in an RV with one bathroom and 3 other caddy girls, I'd probably say thanks but no thanks. I like a good road trip now and then, and I'm certainly not opposed to campouts, especially when it involves a dune buggy and some sandboarding. But nine girls and one dude? No thank you!

How awkward were some of the evening's one-on-one dates! Let's list a few of my favorite highlights from the night:

  • Cellulite butt shots from 3 of the 4 girls. Put it away ladies!
  • Ashleigh's pathetic/drunken display of affection. So painful to watch!
  • Poor Tenley's awkward lap kiss. Totally his fault though!
  • And just for the record...what the heck was that hotel they were staying in? I hope they sued their interior designer. That place was a tragedy!

So to recap my thoughts on the final fab (or in this case, not-so-fab) five as we prepare to go into next week's adventure in San Francisco...Vienna is not a girl but in fact a dude, Corrie doesn't stand a chance, Gia is annoying but I think she might go far, Ali has slowly made her way out of the top spot with her snarky remarks, and Tenley you are my fave. Although, if ABC is as smart as I think they are, when Jake sends Tenley home (which we all know he inevitably will b/c he's stupid), I think they should ask her to be the next Bachelorette. Don't you think it's perfect!


Kim said...

Hahaha! I enjoyed watching the Bachelor last night with two of my favorite men! That's right! Dad and Scott wanted to watch it with me! We had our own select comments for this episode!! Scott's favorite was the talking to the boob shot with Tenley... Dad's was the staged "throwing the rose into the fire" scene - So dramatic... and my favorite was Kathryn's awkward interruption of Ella's "what I want from a relationship" speech! Hilarious! I'm glad he sent them both home...and I think Gia is growing on me! (Except for her lips - she is kinda sweet and innocent in a city-girl kinda way!)
And by the way - The Madonna Inn is Grandma Messick's favorite hotel!!!
Love you and your insight on this show!

theblibbys said...

it's amazing how our opinions are so similar! I truly hate this season....where are the girls like Jillian??????

My Name is Mike said...

tenley is soda-ham hawte

Bracken and Bracken said...

You forgot to mention my 2 favorite moments: Jessie's walk of shame and Jake's constipation face!! hilarious :) Love this show!

IzeOfLight said...

I didn't like Gia much before the episode (doesn't seem like she has too much going on upstairs), but she seemed surprisingly real and genuine on the date and has found a way to stay above the catty-ness, so I'm starting to like her.

I have moments of liking both Tenley and Ali, and moments of wishing they'd just stop talking about Vienna all the time. I'm sure a lot of it's editing, but stop giving the editor so much to work with!

Vienna is incredibly immature and insecure, so you hope Jake can see that.

I haven't been blown away by any of the girls--I miss Jillian! I thought Jake should have kept the pilot and coast guard gal from the first episode; they both seemed like decent matches to me.

Overall, I think Jake's the only one who's really impressed me so far. I was NOT looking forward to his Bachelor season, but he's showing more of a backbone than I was expecting, calls some of the girls on their games, is direct with the girls, and won't keep them around if he feels he'll just be leading them on. Who knew?

Chelsea said...

The Madonna Inn is disguisting. It reminds me of the commercials I see for the Anniversay Inn, in Salt Lake. You couldn't pay me to stay there.

Drew+Elise said...

Even though Ali is a little gossiper, she is the greatest and think she might even win! And I think I already predicted this...Tenley being the next Bachelorette. They're picking the "nice" ones now.

Good Buy Consignment said...

I'm right there with you sister, I agree on all fronts. And Tenley is so the best choice (even my 16 year old son picked her out on day 1 - the 18 year old agrees) and if she does go home (a very strong possibility) she should be the next bachlorette.

Michelle Michel said...

I just can't get over the fact that there is a Vienna...it's possibly one of my favorite girl names of all time and I wanted to name Chloe Vienna but alas...she is such a Chloe!

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

I totally TOTALLY agree with your analysis of the girls. Spot on. Tenley's my favorite, and I do like Allie even though she does remind me of a high school mean girl. I loved seeing your face at the wedding. :)