Sunday, April 19, 2009

Helping Hands Beach Clean-Up

Last Saturday the San Clemente Stake volunteered to help with the community clean-up of Doheny State Beach. We were excited to help knowing the weather would be in the 80's and we could multi-task a tan while picking up pieces of styrofoam and other little treasures we might find combing the sands.

But before we could get to work, first things first. We were loaned these gorgeous yellow ponchos, along with some rubber gloves, and plastic bags. With our gear on we were ready to to go.

While searching through the piles of rock and debris, Krystal found the first little treasure: a pink plastic ring in the shape of a heart. When I saw that little beauty I decided "I wanna find a ring too!" Not five minutes later I scored myself a totally awesome baseball shaped ring. Suhweet!

Then we see Katie get a little sad as she says "I wanna find a ring. But it better be a diamond ring!" And wouldn't you know...and I kid you not...a few minutes later Katie came screaming down the beach "I found a ring. A diamond ring. A real diamond ring." Whaaaaat??? After careful examination we determined it was indeed real, and what a rock it was. I think she plans on calling the city to see if anyone lost a ring at the beach. And if not, well, happy pawning Katie.

After the clean-up we did the only logical thing to do. Cruised on over to the Samuelian's beach front double-wide in San Clemente for some burgers and a little R&R in the sun, followed by a rousing game of sand volleyball out on the courts. I'm sad the weekend is over, but at least I'm still enjoying the tan. I love sunny Saturdays! Summer, we're ready for you!


Brooke W said...

It was so fun to see you last night! You looked so cute as always! I CANNOT believe your friend found that HUGE ring! That is crazy!

Kim said...

No WAY all three of you found a ring - because you wanted to! And a DIAMOND ring! Could it be a sign Katie?