Thursday, June 11, 2009

"A Modern Night" - Live Auction

My friend Mike likes to party. He also likes to take pictures. And he's really really ridiculously good at it. That's why I called him to shoot the latest creations by De La Rose for the Orange County Museum of Art's "A Modern Night" Live Auction.

Last Friday all the best dressed of Orange County came out to party at the Westin South Coast Plaza and them party people was stylin! Among those in attendance were several of my old Fari clients which provided for some exciting reunions.

De La Rose was commissioned to provide 36 modern succulent branches as the centerpieces for the Orange County event. I need to give a quick shout out to my incredible mother who for 2 days came into our shop and let me work her like a slave so we could have these here beauties done in time. Mother, what would I do without you! Check out the final product:

Pretty amazing, right? If you know what's good for you you'll check out the rest of the images on Mike Cunningham's photography blog, The Digital Orange. Mike, you rock! Mostly because you have the ability to make me look like this...even after I've been sweating like a pig and working like a dog for 12 hours straight. So thank you!


Jessica Reeves said...

You look so beautiful!! I love all the pics! Your job sounds amazing! My parents were in Dana Point a couple of weeks ago and they went to this restaurant where they saw tons of young people hanging out and they were looking for you! They were hoping you would have been there!

Madsen Family said...

Wow, that shot of you is amazing! Drop dead GORGEOUS!!!!!!

meeshw said...

Love the centerpieces...great job...such talent...and of course yeah for mom!
You look the photo of you!

theblibbys said...

That picture of you is PHENOMENAL! Not that you aren't gorgeous already, but that's an awesome shot!

Kim said...

Hey, nice job Mike! The photos turned out great - but am I lame that I think there should be more of them close up?!
Beautiful picture of Aubrey! I was with her and she WAS all sweaty working like a dog!! Me too!
Thanks for the fun experience! You rock that flower shop girl!

Bracken and Bracken said...

what a hottie!! were you talking like a hick on purpose in that post ("them people" and "these here")? was i the only one who noticed? most importantly, can mike take cute pictures of babies? would he take Dallen's sometime and how much does he charge?