Sunday, January 17, 2010

{ Girls Night Out }

My last night in Arizona was spent with the ladies! We're all incredibly indecisive so picking a place to eat took some time. We finally all agreed on mexican food at Gecko's Grill. Deeeelicious! If you ever get the chance to go, get the Mango Chicken Quesadilla. You won't regret it!

After dinner we all fought the idea (all but Alisha!) of joining some friends for a bonfire...AZ style of course. Allow me to explain. I'm from California, right? Well, when I think of bonfires, I think of sand, sunsets, and s'mores. Boy was I in for a surprise. We drove out to what felt like the middle of nowhere, ditched our car on the side of the road, and hopped in this big beast you see featured here. This is where it got good.

I spent the next 5 minutes clinging to Andria and Alisha, fearing for my life as we barreled over towering mountains of dirt and then through an obstacle course of huge dips and ditches. It was awful! When we finally reached our destination, we were greeted by 23 guys, all under the age of 23. Awesome! And that's when the explosions commenced.

Have you ever heard of a Sobe bomb? Well, apparently they're pretty famous in those parts. You fill a Sobe bottle full of gasoline, drop it in the fire, and when it gets hot enough, a Hollywood-size explosion ensues, leaving a huge black ring of smoke in the sky. Kinda freaky, kinda cool, probably totally illegal. I'm just glad I lived to tell the tale! Thanks girls for a fun night out, AZ style!

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Kim said...

Yikes! Sounds like something I would NOT like to see!