Friday, July 25, 2008

Funny Lunch Convo

My boss on why Mormon girls should go on lots of dates . . .

Boss: You know Aubrey, you're a cheap date.
Me: Excuse me?
Boss: Well, you don't drink.
Me: Thats true. Water with a lemon.
Boss: Most women drink Martini's til the sun comes up.
Me: What's your point?
Boss: You'd think a cheap date like yourself would get more dates.
Me: Gee, thanks!
Boss: I'm just sayin'...if I were one of those boys, I'd be buying you ice waters all night long.
Me: I'm flattered.


Karly said...

Ha, that's great. And so true. (And good call on the lemon, can't do ice water witout it.)

Merzy said...

oh my gosh i'm still laughing about that one.

i know, seriously, and we don't get the martini flab! i don't understand how in a world of skinny-obsessive girls, they can slurp that stuff all night. :)

lucky boys that take us out!

Laura said...

LOL!!! So hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like sexual harassment to me!

Aubrey said...

Well you see boss is acutally gay. Thanks though.