Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nephi's [10²/√2(5+3)]th Birthday

This kid cracks me up! Last night we celebrated Nephi's Birthday at...(mom, don't be mad!) Hooter's. It was pretty much hilarious! A bunch of Mormon kids and a birthday boy named Nephi at a sleazy BBQ joint in Costa Mesa. Gotta love it!

Nephi might look less than interested with the company, but believe me, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

As part of the birthday celebration, the waitress tied balloons on the birthday boy's belt loops. Nephi later told me he was sucking in BIG TIME. Nephi, you look good to me!

Appropriately inappropriate.

After dinner we headed back to the boy's place in HB for a little more crudeness with a classic game of Twister Nephi's roommates gave him for his birthday. This was my favorite shot of the night. "Right foot yellow, left hand....whoa, watch the backside Nephi!"


Heather said...

OK - I did the math - is he 25? That's cute - I get it!

Aubrey said...

Wish I could take the credit for that one but it was all Nephi! And yes, he turned the big 2-5! :)