Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Dad!

Today for my Dad's 50th birthday his friends, the Goettels, surprised him with front row tickets to the Angels vs. Red Sox game. Jealous! I was actually a little bummed that I wasn't gonna get to spend the whole day with my pops. But . . . dun-duh-duh-dun . . . I got a phone call this morning at 9:00 from one of my Project Managers at work saying that he had 2 extra tickets on the Club Level for the Angels game today and wanted to know if I'd like to have them. Suh-weeeet! So, I grabbed my little brother and we followed my parents and the Goettels off to the game.

diamond club . front row . behind home plate

Mickey and Minnie even showed up for the occasion.

My brother Scotty and LeAnn

Both big Guerrero fans

Enjoying their sweet seats.

My Dad's COOLER than your Dad!


Heather said...

This post has way too much red in it. I bleed blue...GO DODGERS!

I just had to "represent" :)

Bracken and Bracken said...

So jealous!! Happy Birthday Dad :) I can't believe our old man in 50!!

Kim Messick said...

Thank you Goettels!!! Glad my husband had a birthday and I got to come!!!

Bryce & Nicole said...

I'm so jealous! Hope you all had a blast. I guess were missing out not living in California. But life is great!

Laura said...

What an awesome b-day!!! 50? I don't buy it! Your parents both still look so young!

Happy Birthday Bro. Messick!!!