Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Howell is coming . . .

Wednesday night my sweet friend Jessica Howell had her baby shower at The Cheesecake Factory in Mission Viejo. The evening was delightful. Yes, I just said delightful. The night was filled with fabulous food, fun gifts, and friendly faces! I can't wait for Baby Howell to get here. Just 3 more weeks!

Me and baby Jade Lundquist. I want one!

Hobby girls

Two blonde bomshells

Amanda with the mommy-to-be

Sexy Mia! Sorry boys, she's off the market!

Karly & Jess . . . old roomies.

South county girls!


Aubrey said...

I know Mom, I know!

Merzy said...

aubs. i want one too! everything in the world is better when you're holding a sweet baby!

that's why having a married sibling is really the gift that keeps on giving. :) auntie-dom will treat you right!

theblibbys said...
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theblibbys said...

Seems like you Californians like having baby showers at the Cheesecake Factory. I'm glad you like the rug. You should see it i person! It's gorgeous!!!
PS: Real quick...there's a pic on your blog of a girl who looks like the girl who was on Laguna Beach... Tess? I think...brown hair. Is that her?

Kasi French said...

Happy Cheesecake Factory! You all look so beautiful! HAPPY BABY HOWELL!!

boobless said...
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Amanda said...

yay! fun shower pics. i am so glad i got to sit by you at our table =).

and thanks for the design tips you posted on my blog about the kitchen. it is a true deisgner's challenge (if i may steal that line from hgtv, or is it tlc?). haha. so, what would you think about a white subway tile for the backsplash? is it too, like, for real subway if it's white? i just want it super simple and light! and i am going to get hardware as soon as humanly possible. i can hardly stand it! should i match the hardware that's on the built-in? should i go for a large handle? also, i think some cool-looking glass bottles or something on top (maybe a cool silk plant?) of the cabinetry near the ceiling would help. what are your thoughts on that? AND, is my brown table too much? i was stressed out about it being the same as the cabinetry, but i just loved it so much i bought it. would a black table be better in the kitchen? OH! and i can't forget the idea of over-island hanging lighting of some kind. any suggestions there? still need help!

sorry to leave such a long post, i just kept typing and typing!!!