Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Conceptual Design

As an Interior Designer, sometimes the best part of the design process is coming up with the concept for a home. In an earlier post titled Indonesian Muse I shared the over-seas inspiration for a new home we've begun building on Lido Isle. This week at work we've been busy specifying a concept or theme for the home with various authentic materials. Among the selections are this beautiful limestone flooring, teak wood for cabinetry & moldings, ornate ceiling treatments with woven rattans, and intricate wall paneling throughout. I already love the island style of this waterfront beauty.


S Watson said...

How fun is that! It looks as though you it's centered around more indigenous elements. I especially like the woven rattans and what looks like bamboo paneling. I can only imagine the creation.

Laura said...

I CANNOT wait to see pictures when it is all done!!! It sounds like it's going to be absolutely amazing!