Monday, July 28, 2008

Kristina's Surprise Shower

Last week the girls at the office threw our co-worker, Kristina, a surprise Bridal Shower. The plan was to have her drive into work that morning with her sister and then we would stall her with extra work that needed to be finished up after 5:00, so the rest of the office could sneak over to her condo in Tustin.

However, as luck would have it, plans were thwarted that morning when Kristina accidentally over slept. Oops! She had to skip her shower, leave without her make-up on, and worse, drive without her sister. Fortunately, her sister quickly thought of an alternative plan and the tension eased as we all got a good laugh everytime Kristina would say, "All I want is to go home and have a shower!" LOL! Little did she know, she would get her shower...a bridal shower!

The surprise was a success! Her mom was able to stall her with some story about needing to meet her after work to alter her veil, which gave us all enough time to set up the food, presents, and get ready for the surprise. Everything went perfectly! When she walked in the door she was so shocked and excited to see all of her friends and co-workers there to celebrate with her. We all laughed again as we told her how funny it was everytime at work she said "All I want is to go home and have a shower!" So glad you got your shower Kristina!


Mom said...

What a fun surprise!
I miss my Aubrey around here - glad I still have your posts to keep me up to date!
Love you!

Karly said...

Ha, that's cute. I've never heard of doing a surprise bridal shower before, what a fun idea!