Friday, January 2, 2009


This year's Rose Bowl match up was a killer for the Messick and Bracken families. I decided to side with my brother-in-law Mark and put my money on Penn State's Nittany Lions while Jacki remained loyal to the SC Trojans.

There was also some serious tension between husband and wife. My bro-in-law Mark attended Penn State for Law School but my sister Jacki is a southern California native. This created a bit of conflict when it came to deciding which team their son Dallen would be cheering for.

During the half-time show the girls snuck out to go visit Jacki's cousin-in-law Lyndsie so my Mom and I could finally meet her infamous twins Gage & Zane. Aren't they absolutely adorable! I'm so baby hungry!

When we got back to Mark & Jacki's place the game was almost over and we found Mark in the corner, weeping like a baby. Metaphorcially speaking of course. Sorry Mark. Maybe next year.


Kim said...

I must say I was a little torn between the two teams myself - 'cuz my Dad taught at USC and my son-in-law went to Penn State - How could I decide? Um, I'll just visit the babies and leave the men to play the games...Babies are WAY more fun!!! So glad we got to meet the twins and Caden! Soooooo cute -even though they were sick with bronchitis!

Kim said...

Oh, yeah, and I had to crack up when Mark decided to decorate for the game - all the hats everywhere! Gotta love a man with style!

Bracken and Bracken said...

Oh my husband!! Time and all eternity right?