Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Sunday evening one of my very best friends, Miss Erin Elton, hosted a most incredible Chinese New Year's Dinner. She graciously offered up her home and invited some close friends over for a homemade celebration. She slaved in the kitchen for hours and came out with the most amazing food. She dished up homemade tofu, orange chicken, vegetable rolls, a melon fertility salad, and much more.

As we gathered around the beautifully prepared meal, Erin took a moment to explain the symbolism behind the food we were about to eat and then gave each of us a red envelope and explained that on the Eve of the Chinese New Year it's tradition for the parents to give each of their children a red envelope with a fortune for the coming year inside. As we ripped open our envelopes we all found a crisp one dollar bill. How exciting! I guess that means 2009 will be filled with wealth and prosperity!

Before digging into our feast, Erin asked if anyone present spoke Chinese or any kind of Asian language to say a blessing on the food. Brig, a return missionary from Korea, stepped forward and offered to give the prayer in Korean. I have no idea what was said, but it sounded awesome! Within a matter of minutes the plates of piled high food were gone and we all just sat back to relax. Way to go Elton!

To wrap up the celebration, Erin, who totally out did herself, announced that she made homemade fortune cookies for everyone and suggested that we each read our fortunes aloud. When it came time to read mine, I was so excited. My fortune read: "You will travel to many foreign countries and make lasting friendships." How spot on is that? I love it! Thank you Miss Elton for a fabulous evening of fun and celebration. Can't wait to hear what theme party you come up with next!

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Kim said...

How awesome is that? And I think that would be so cool to hear the blessing in Korean... I like that ALOT!!! You are awesome Erin...May the new year bring you many blessings!