Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wakeboarding in March?

You better believe it! I know some of you reading this are thinking we must all be crazy...well...and we are! But please understand this. When we planned the trip, the sun was shining, the temperature outside was a warm 82 and the prospect of being able to wakeboard, even during the winter sounded amazing! So, the trip was scheduled, friends were invited, and then Saturday morning happened.

I woke up to a bitter cold, overcast, dewey morning. Oh, but "Don't worry Aubs, it'll be like 75 and sunny at the lake. Promise!" Brad calmly assured me.  So, with the little faith Brad had lent me, I put on my jeans and sweatshirt and grabbed my wetsuit and board that had been waiting to be used for months.

I'll let these pictures help tell the story of the day:

Here is Bradley, captain of the day, and Mr. Optimism.  And get this, he actually just had shoulder surgery not too long ago which means he planned this fabulous trip knowing full well that he wouldn't be participating in the excitement.  Brad, you rock!

Ryan was one of the first to jump in the water and show us all how its done.

Here he is doing a tail grab.  I thought it a little inappropriate to post the pictures of me doing black flips and air railleys for fear that it would make the guys feel dumb. (Yeah right, in my dreams!) 

Meanwhile, Tristen, one of the only smart ones, stayed high and dry with a couple of warm towels and a good book.

Here's Allie, our flag girl, isn't she cute!  You'll get to see her mad skills in a second.

Tristen and Alice, trying to keep warm.  Just wait, there's more of that to come...

Captain Brad showing off his hot bod and chick glasses.

Direct quote from Tristen: "Andrew!  Either put your leg down, or put some underwear on!"

What is Brad doing in this picture?

What am I doing in this picture?

Thank you Alice for getting out there on a ski.

Allie, my hero!

The water was sooo cold, all the blood left Allie's feet and they were sooo WHITE!  And honey, Alllie, ain't white!

It's starting to get really cold now!  I'm pretty sure the temp has dropped from 60 to about 55 now.

I'm not even sure how many people are even in this picture.  Three?  Four?  All just trying to stay warm.

Lookin good Captain.

Let the spooning begin.

Or the dog piles!

Notice Brad still holding the flag.  Love it!

Sorry Andrew, no room for you!

And one big giant spoon session to finish off the day!

Despite the cold weather and frigid water, the day was a blast.  The water was pretty glassy in the earlier hours and I got in a couple of fun runs. But more importantly, the company was FABULOUS!  I think everyone had a great time;.  I just hope the weather warms up soon cuz I'm anxious to get there again soon!


Quinn Garner said...

check out my new post.

Bracken and Bracken said...

You are nuts! But I guess it says a lot about me to say I wish I was there :)

Jennifer Rolph said...

that looks like a lot of fun...and hey I will take it, it is at least warmer than it is here, (what is that sleet and snow in the forecast today..bummer) ;)

Jennifer Rolph said...

P.S. you look hot!!

Jessica Reeves said...

That looks so fun even if it was freezing! You look so cute!

JJ, Mands, and Lil said...

Ahhh looked like so much fun and I love the spooning pictures at the end. You are gorgeous my friend along with all of your gorgeous Southern Cali friends. I totally remember Tristan from Provo. She was good friends with my bro. Bake.