Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FREE TIME? What free time?

This week I started our new Book Club book. Its called "The Late Bloomer's Revolution" by Amy Cohen, and I'm finding that I relate to this mid-thirties, single and cynical woman, a lot more than I ever thought I would.

Here's Amy's hillarious take on what its like to have so much free time as a single woman:

"It wasn't that I had so much free time; it was just that unlike my married friends with children I had very little to show for it. In fact, if I added up all the time I spent setting up the first date, choosing what to wear, meeting for drinks or dinner or cofee or brunch, coming home not sure I was into him, but wanting him to call anyway, getting the call, anticipating the second date, choosing what to wear again, going on the second date, deciding I kind of liked him, going on a third date, deciding I really liked him, going out a few more times, fantasizing about our bike trip to Italy, getting more serious, feeling happy to be alive, wondering if things were getting weird or whether it was just my imagination, obsessing over why things didn't work out, chastising myself for not trusting my instincts in the first place, loosing a week or four to mild then extreme depression, slowly feeling better, vowing to forge ahead and not getting jaded, starting the whole process over again, I could have gotten my M.D. Read all of Proust. And written an opera. In German. Twice. Thats what I wanted to say when these women asked me what it was like to have so much free time."


linds said...

that is the most amazing piece of literature ever!

Laura said...

Hilarious! She sounds awesome!!

Kasi French said...

Okay ... this is fantastic! Not only did I go purchase the book this weekend but I've basically plagiarized your blog! Hope all is well in sunny California!