Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Peter & Jason!!!

Dinner at Rip Tide

Petey Ord the Man!

Peter asked that we go somewhere where he could "hoot and holler!"

Birthday boy Jason in the green.

Clinton came all the way from Utah for the occasion.  Ok, not really,  but he was in town.

My girlies.


Laura said...

Your outfit is darling!

Erica said...

clint-dawg. love him! and what's the name of the girl in the last pic to your right? she looks so familiar!

The Marquardt Family said...

did you know that pete was good friends with Deb all growing up? Make sure you tell him that Michael and I say HI! PS COME VISIT ME!!!

linds said...

you're hair is looking long. i wish mine was that long.