Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So, do you wanna know what happened?

What does this picture have to do with anything?  Read on....

First of all, let me just say that it was so fun for me to see all of your different opinions as to how I should proceed with my little dilemma.  I hope you all don't think I'm a drama queen because all of this was just in good fun.  So, that being said...I decided to finally text him back...a day later.  Here's how it went (and don't forget, the name has been changed): 

Aubrey:  "Hey Matt.  Sill working for Fari.  What's up?"
Matt: "Can you talk for about 2 minutes?"
Aubrey: "Sure."

Okay, so right about now I'm thinking in my head..."2 minutes.  All he needs is 2 minutes.  Its definitely a favor.  Well, whatever, I'll just answer the phone and see what he needs.  Make it short and sweet and be done!"

...the phone starts ringing..."Oh crap!"

So I answer the phone and he doesn't waste any time.  He pretty much starts off by telling me he has a favor to ask of me and that Fari, the company I work for, was the first name to come to mind (notice how he didn't say that my name was the first name to come to his mind).  Anyway, I totally called it!  He then starts telling me about this fountain project he's working 0n and how he needs the number of a high end stone mason to help with his job (hence the elaborate fountain picture.)  So basically I tell him I'll have to get back to him at work tomorrow when I have more resources in front of me.  

Then, he tries real hard to make small talk..."So what have you been up to?  How's work?  You been staying busy?"  Of course I'm polite and ask him the same, and then brag for a second about my upcoming trips to New York, Vegas, and Kauai.  Then, its so funny that I even analyze these things, but he says "Hey, can I get your work e-mail?"  For real? He probably wanted to make sure he wasn't sending any type of signal by asking for my personal email, right?  Well I say good for him for keeping it all business.  I mean, you gotta give the kid some props for having the guts to call up a girl who he took out and never called again.  Who knows, maybe this is the start of another business/platonic/guy/girl relationship.  (Like I really need one more of those in my life.)

But after all said and done, I'm glad I text him back.  No need for this kid to think I'm some self-righteous punk who won't acknowledge his text because of some stupid little incident (that really wasn't even an incident) over a year ago.

The End.


Shan & Andrew said...

You handled that very well! :) Very classy and polite! Way to go Aubs!

Heather said...

I'm glad you texted him back! And I'm glad it went so well! Way to leave a good impression.

Btw, my gut tells me the whole statue thing is a cover...if it was 100% business he would have just called and asked. Guys have no problem handling business. But when there are feelings, they get all weird. The whole text and testing the waters...he's feeling you out. I can't wait to see what happens! And I'm praying he doesn't ggogle you and find your blog! :) Actually...that might help him...hmmm

corrine said...

aubrey - my props to you for handling this like a true lady. you are just so darn nice!

PS i *hope* he reads this blog! how awesome would that be!

PPS can I redeem my raincheck for the migraine sick day and do lunch soon??

Erica said...

hmmm, his loss. on to bigger and better things...kauai! i love that place! last summer and in about 3 months i'll be living and working in kaneohe again. while there i visited lots of the islands...oh, take lots and lots of pictures!

Madsen Family said...

Oh, I am so glad I am not in the dating world! Love you though :)

Anonymous said...

boo, what a tool

Emily Sue said...

Bravo, Aubs. Nice way to handle things.

Anonymous said...

he is probably gay!

Brooke W said...

Very very Classy and you are awesome!