Saturday, March 8, 2008

Faraday's Law Live @ Starbuck's

Friday night a group of us went to the Starbuck's in Laguna Niguel to enjoy some swooning from Justin and Mike. You boys make beautiful music!

Later that night Charity, Kristin, Peter, and I crashed the "unofficial" San Clemente 5th ward campout down at the San Mateo campgrounds in San Clemente. I opted out of staying the night. Partly because I knew I had to be on my way to a funeral the next morning at 8am. And partly because I don't really love camping. Blame it on the bad back.


charity said...

Good times!!

Erica said...

wait, did charity move down south? i remember the days in p-town w/ her.

Holly said...

I'm digging these photos!!