Tuesday, February 24, 2009

THE BACHELOR: The Women Tell All

I know, this picture is totally irrelevant to Monday night's episode, but I miss Jillian, okay!!! I feel like the bitter reunion on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All is one of those necessary evils - a way for the producers to drag on the season as long as possible. I'll admit, I pretty much fast forwarded through the entire first hour. Hello, we've been tuned in all season, we don't need to see all the re-cap crap. And why is it that this episode always turns into one big cat fight, as was demonstrated so beautifully by several of this season's drama queens. At least we got to see Jillian one more time. Did you see her shoes? I love her!

Anyway, we finally pressed play again when they started in on the success stories from seasons passed. I found it amusing that the producers felt it necessary to reafirm the audience's faith in the lasting relationships that have resulted from previous seasons of The Bachelor. Were they serious? I'm pretty sure only 2 of the 13 relationships have lasted. Do you know what that means? That means there's a 15.3% chance that Jason and the lucky lady he picks will actually work out. That's right, 15.3%, not even the equivalent of an F. That's like a F,G,H,I...J? That's terrible.

After the feel good stuff ended it was back to the drama. How painful was it to re-live one of the most ridiculous moments in Bachelor history? Did anyone catch what Natalie said in the limo after just having been dumped on her "million dollar date?" It was beyond classic. In case you missed it, let me remind you. In response to Jason's decision to send her home she said "You don't have a connection with me? Who do you think you are, God?" Wow Natalie! Wow! Not your proudest moment I'm sure. And was she honestly surprised to find out that the other women in the household despised her? If even sweet Kari had a problem with her, then I'm sure we all would have to.

Let's talk about Jillian for a moment. Awe, Jillian. I still think she is one of the classiest women this show has ever seen. I really think she handled the awkward reunion with poise as she confronted Jason about why he dealt her the "friend card." Not only was I impressed with her composure, but her positive attitude. Didn't you just love when she responded to Chris Harrison's proposal that she be the next Bachelorette with "I can't wait til Prince Charming gets off his lazy butt and sweeps me off my feet." Me too Jillian, me too.

So, how's everyone feeling going into this final episode? I may be horribly disappointed I know the ending already (my friends totally spoiled it for me with some leaked gossip that has really got me quite upset), but I'm still anticipating the biggest conclusion in Bachelor history. Let's just say I can't stand Jason anymore and think he's an idiot. Stay tuned for next week's After the Final Rose Ceremony. It's gonna be an episode to talk about!


Mands said...

Love your updates. I too heard some nasty rumors about Miss Molly and honestly kind of want to beat her up and I am totally not a phyiscal person. blah blah blah. . I'm just still in love with Miss Jillian. Fingers crossed she will be the next Bachelorette. Can't wait for next week.

Marcy said...

I think I know the rumors you speak of (they are all over online) but last night I was reading on the abc bachelor forum some very interesting suspisions about our dear Ms. Jillian and how maybe she could be coming back next week and that's what all this shock and drama is about?! Nothing has been validated (again, its all rumor) but I would LOVE to think that! I love Jillian! I'm going to think and dream about Jason bringin her back next week! If you want to know more about what I read, just holler, I'll fill you in. It's all very exciting to think about! lol

Evonne said...

I love your insight! You expressed my thoughts exactly. I just want to know the rumours now! I have kept myself from looking at them online, but I may have to take a peek.

Part of me has started to dislike Jason enough that I HOPE he ends up with Molly. I know, it's cruel to wish on anyone. :)

IzeOfLight said...

Seriously, some of those girls last night were so unbelievably embarrassing. I was embarrassed FOR them. How many times did we gasp, just praying and hoping, for THEIR sake, that they'd just shut up?

I do love Jillian. I hope she becomes the next Bachelorette (I could get over my They-only-pick-Bachelor-rejects-for-the-Bachelorette-but-don't-for-the-Bachelor issues for one season if they chose Jillian). Loved her green dress, and I even noticed her shoes--not being one bit of a shoe person--so you know that's gotta mean something!

Can't wait for next week! (I think?)

April said...

Oh aubs... I agree with you one hundred percent. From the fast forwarding through the whole first hour to the awkwardness of it all. Jason is really starting to bug and I won't be sad to say good bye to him.

Bracken and Bracken said...

SOO much drama!! The real reason I like The Bachelor so much better than The Bachelorette :) They are hyping up this ending so much, I cannot wait!!!

charity said...

amen. I want to be bff with jillian so i can borrow her clothes and laugh at her jokes. this lady is one class act!

I haven't heard the rumors about mollie, but i have heard that melissa was fibbing when she said that she wanted to be a 1st grade teacher so she could have summers off to play with her kids. I'm not sure I've heard any more rehearsed line ever on the show.

I'm even liking Naomi better after last night. Wish I could watch the finale with you girls! I promise I won't give the ending away :).

Erica said...

i'm watching it now...love jillian. dislike jason. idiot.

Drew+Elise said...

Yeah I might as well not watch next episode because it's just a prelude to a break-up.