Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stop And Smell The Roses

I would assume that when most people go for a run outdoors, they actually run. And focus on their run. Me? I tend to get a little distracted. Yesterday the weather was so beautiful that I went for an extra long run and found myself jogging through open fields and stopping to admire the pre-spring wildflower blooms. I actually smelled them before I saw them. The aroma was wonderfully intoxicating! I wish I knew what species of flower they are, but the smell reminds me of all the lilacs I enjoyed on my mission in Canada. Those fragrant beauties were everywhere in the early summer. Of course I had to bring some of these lilac wanna-bees home with me! I can actually smell their sweet aroma right now, even from all the way across the room. I know, I am such a flower freak. My mother would agree. Is it so wrong to think every home should have a bouquet of fresh flowers everyday, all the time, even if it's just some wildflowers from the field?


Kim said...

I love that you wrapped the vase with the big tea leaves!! Very nice touch! I think I can smell them too! :)

Bracken and Bracken said...

Only you could make wild field flowers look so pretty :) Too bad you weren't around early enough to do the flowers for my wedding!!

charity said...

I agree. Every home needs fresh flowers. There is something wonderful that happens--the must carry some powerful positive energy.