Thursday, February 19, 2009

The House She Calls Home

I've always been a huge fan of actress Amanda Peet, so when I came across this picture article on Domino featuring her gorgeous Spanish Mediterranean home, which just so happens to be my favorite style of architecture, I couldn't resist sharing. I hope someday someone wants to photograph my home and feature it in a magazine. A girl can dream, can't she?

Actress Amanda Peet and her husband, screenwriter David Benioff, turned their first shared home into an elegant haven that's family-friendly yet pulled-together.

It wasn't until Peet and Benioff bought this Spanish-style bungalow near the Hollywood Hills that they truly married styles.

In the entryway, a collage of family photos and artwork establishes the informal tone. Hanging the frames unevenly, but with roughly the same amount of space between each, is all it took.

Benioff's masculine tastes and Peet's long-standing devotion to stripes and ethnic textiles combine to create a casual, unpretentious sophistication.

A decoupage hollyhock lamp and a pile of vintage textiles warm up the stainless-steel baker's rack and Benioff's leather-and-chrome chair.

"I chose my living-room sofa for its fat seat," Peet says. Set amid neutral hues, the bold upholstery, accentuated by an antique Chinese shawl, commands center stage.

White walls, bare windows, the original terra-cotta floor tiles and weathered industrial chairs gathered around a metal pedestal table form a clean, sun-filled backdrop that's softened by the flatweave rug and vintage-fabric-covered seats.

In the guest room—one of only two spaces that deviate from white walls—a medley of blues, greens and bits of gold unites two very different florals.


3 Walls and Counting said...

When Brad and I finally build our dream home, will you come give me some well needed pointers? (I know you're dying to come to Wyoming.) Let's be honest, we all remember how you spiffed up our apartment in Regina with just a few simple additions and subtractions. . . you've got a talent mi amiga!

Kim said...

I still think you have a resemblance to Amanda Peet...And I absolutely LOVE her shoes in that photo!!! Where can I get those?

Bracken and Bracken said...

What a cute house!! I can't wait until I get to buy one and figure out my own design style (slightly combined with Mark's of course).

g. lock said...


::Meredith:: said...

OH MY GOSH. I HAVE THAT MAGAZINE AND KEPT IT TOO JUST FOR HER DECO STYLE!!! that is so funny; every time i think about one day putting together a home i hope it's still in style, because it is so comfy, fresh, and gender neutral.

our minds are so freakishly similar.

Courtney Calkins said...

Aubrey! Your blog is fantastic! I am thinking about majoring in interior design and your blog is truly inspiring!