Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Heart Troy!

Can you believe it? Friday night my roommates and I skipped out on a lot of fun offers to sit on a couch in Huntington and watch High School Musical 3! You heard me right! We turned down a wild night at the rodeo, the ever popular trip to Disneyland, and even a last minute date, all to watch our favorite High Schoolers dance their way through Senior Year. We might as well be twelve! For months, my die hard HSM friend Erin Hawley had been planning the dvd release party of this blessed movie and Friday night, like a bunch of boy crazy pre-teens, we put on our pj's and East High apparel and watched Zac Efron schmooze the screen with his leading lady, Miss Vanessa Hudgens. It was everything I hoped it would be and more: ridiculous musical numbers that stick in your head for hours, awkward dance numbers that leave you wondering "Did that really just happen?" and of course a shirtless scene with the boyishly handsome Troy Bolton. Am I too young to already be considered a cougar? It was definitely a Friday night well spent. I love my life!


McMemories said...

Yes you are way too young to be a cougar:)I still have not seen HSM3, but Im planning to do so with my mom and sister, also the movie 17 again looks super cute with him in it!!

Cant wait for bachelors tomorrow, hopefully it will be the "most dramatic -women tell all- in bachelor history" haha

Jessica Reeves said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that loves Troy!! He is so hot!

Jenn said...

I'm so glad to hear that someone else loves this show as much as I do. I actually had dreams about it after seeing it in the theater. Zach (my hubby) always makes fun of me because I loved this show so much, but I'm ok with that!

g. lock said...

elyse and i also watched it friday night, and i hate to admit it, but i kind of liked it as well.