Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to . . .

DAVID ROCKWELL, for his imaginative stage design at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. According to director Danny Boyle, the internationally acclaimed architect and designer's stage creation was “bloody beautiful." And it was. Bravo!

David Rockwell’s design marks the first time an architect has been tapped for the honor. His intent was to craft an immersive environment evocative of an intimate club and his proscenium curtain design made of more than 100,000 crystals did just that.

“We created a spatial and architectural solution for the 2009 Oscars that is based on storytelling, spectacle, and community,” explained David Rockwell, founder and CEO of Rockwell Group. “We wanted to use a surprising and dramatic integration of technology and movement to celebrate the awards ceremony, which has become one of the greatest shared rituals of our time.”

Rockwell also set the stage with his innovative use of five LED screens that transformed and reconfigured to show movie clips and montages throughout the show. It was both brilliant and beautiful. A job well done for Mr. David Rockwell and his amazing team of designers.


Bracken and Bracken said...

I loved the stage!! You know what else I loved, the way they announced the best actor and actress with their former winning peers saying something nice about them. Almost brought a tear to my eyes!!

Kim said...

I too was in awe of the amazing stage design. That is really the only thing that kept my attention. I thought it was absolutely breathtaking... The podium was to die for - could you just imagine that as a table in your entry?!!