Sunday, August 3, 2008

Three Arch Bay for a Day

A few friends from LA came in town for the day and wanted to go to a great beach for some surfing, snorkeling, and spear fishing. Naturally, we decided on Three Arch Bay's serene cove in Laguna Beach, an all time favorite location of mine. While the waves were a little small for surfing, the boys had a ton of fun body surfing instead. They insisted on me taking a few pictures of them getting barreled in the waves. I love these shots!


Jessica Reeves said...

Looks like so much fun! I really miss living by the beach! I'm cravin' some sand, water and waves right now!!

corrine and alex said...

cute post aubs - i love 3 arch! Post some pictures of your new pad... I know its going to be freakishly adorable.

Aubrey said...

Dear friends,

My new place is looking ridiculously cute but its not ready for a photo shoot just yet! But pics are coming. I promise!!!