Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blue Collar Lunch

Today the Lunch Bunch met at the usual place at the usual time and with most of the usual people (and a few newcomers joined us too. Welcome Chris and Katie!) But aside from all the usual happenings, whats unusual is that everyone showed up wearing the exact same thing. The boys in their blue shirts and the girls in their white. It was too cute. You know I had to take a picture.

FYI - If you work in the Newport/Irvine/Costa Mesa area and want to join us for lunch sometime, we like to "Wahoo's!" on Tuesdays at 1:00 at the Fashion Island Mall. Try the green sauce. Its delicious!


Laura said...

LOL... that's cute.

Now I'm hungry for Wahoo's!

Mom said...

I LOVE the white shirt on you Aubs!! It really is cute!

meeshw said...

hey...I work across from fashion island in one of the high rises...the thing is I think I am in the wrong age group...haha. But seriously...I love reading your blog...always glad to see you making the most of your life!!!!