Saturday, August 23, 2008

Big Bang Friday

Friday night Dad scored us some awesome seats at the Angels Stadium of Anaheim right behind 1st base in fowl ball territory. While the Angels didn't win and we didn't go home with a ball, we still had fun thanks to the amazing seats and incredible fireworks extravaganza after the game. Thanks Dad for a great time at the ball game!

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Florene said...

Great picture -- great family! Wish I could see an Angels game again. It would bring back so many memories of when your Grandpa and I would take the kids. Mostly, the Angels were a losing team back then and Grandpa Gerry would get so frustrated with them, but he never gave up on them! He loved the game. In his younger days (in Salt Lake city) he played on the Church teams and our Ward's team went to the regional playoffs. He was good! Did you know that at one time, when he was a Senior in High School, he was scouted for a major league team, because he was such a good short-stop and hitter! The big problem was that he was only 5'6" tall and too short for their qualifications back then. He was disappointed. (He grew 4 1/2 inches over the next 2 years!) Bummer!