Monday, August 18, 2008

The MOST Amazing!

I feel like lately my life has been go-go-go, so the other night my roommates and I sat down to watch a movie. Allie picked "The Holiday," a personal favorite of mine, but not for the reason you'd think. Sure its a great chick flick with a fantastic love story, but I love this movie for a different reason.
I'm in love with Amanda Wood's house! Its spectacular! Love at first sight. My dream home. I think its absolutely perfect. Everything about it is so me. The architecture, landscape, interior design, decor! Even the linens on the bed give me goosebumps. Its perfect. Did I already say that? Cuz its perfect.
So...when I came into work the other day, I started perusing the shelves for a few books to get me in the mood to design. Thats when I stumbled across these. They remind me so much of that perfect house that I'm so in lust with and as I thumbed through a few of the pages I got excited all over again.
If you're into the urban/contemporary look and if you've never checked out these books by Wim Pauwels, you really ought to take a look. They are the MOST amazing!


Merzy said...

i know, seriously. my friend called nancy meyers movies "real estate porn" because they're always beyond perfect.

Jenn said...

About the single comment... you need to come up here and we'll get you going. We've got lots of boys around here. Zach's got many single boys he plays ball with... think about it! I'm sure we could figure something out.

Laura said...

WOW... I would LOVE a house like that someday!

Jessica Reeves said...

I love that movie for the same reason! Well, I also love Jude Law in it as well!!