Saturday, August 23, 2008

BOOK CLUB: A Girl Named Zippy

What a quirky little book about a quirky little girl. Oddly enough, I think I actually liked it. For this last month's Relief Society Book Club, Julie picked a happy story about a young girl named "Zippy" who grew up in the small town of Mooreland, Indiana. Nicknamed for her energetic interpretation of a circus monkey, Zippy takes you through the happenings of her childhood and introduces you to a town most unfamiliar (unless you happened to serve 6 months of your mission in the small town of Warroad, Minnesota...THEN, you might have an idea of what she's talking about.)

The writing style of Haven Kimmel is absolutely captivating. Her wit and charm had me laughing out loud at some points. I loved her childhood description of Jesus: "Everyone around me was flat-out in love with him, and who wouldn't be? He was good with animals, he loved his mother, and he wasn't afraid of blind people."

Zippy was strange, yet charming. I loved reading about her somehow ordinary childhood made into an extraordinary memoir. Thanks Zippy for making me leave the normality of my life for a while to take a walk down memory lane.


Mom said...

I think I might like to meet Zippy!

Mom said...

I think I might like to meet Zippy!

Marcy said...

We are currently putting together our book club list for the next 6 months. Thanks for this idea. Any others you'd recommend? It's not a RS book club officially, but made up of friends from the stake. We like to keep it pretty much PG-13 rated. lol

Florene said...

Hmmm! You have the most interesting list of books to read. I'll have to rush down to the Library to pick up my copy! I just finished reading "Wednesday's Letters" and am ready for a new read. Oh, yes, right after I finish "Passage to Zarahemla." I love that my grandchildren all love to read!