Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tahitian Commode

Some might find it odd that I blog about bathrooms, but I'm just so excited about the designs we've been working on for this Lido Isle project. I recently visited several showrooms in Orange County to find the latest and greatest in plumbing products for our Tahitian inspired bathrooms. There were some fantastic new products out from Kohler that I just fell in love with. Among my favorites were the new Escale line with its clean and fluid lines, as well as their exotic Mersing Vanity constructed of solid mahogany. And I'm still drooling over their conical bell vessel sinks. In the words of my boss "This house is gonna' be sooo hot!"


Erica said...

this bathroom is definitely a step up from the bathroom i used in tahiti earlier this year!!!

corrine and alex said...

Wow love it! what a dream bathroom. Hey, I was wondering, is there any kind of home show down here in orange county similar to the "parade of homes" they have in UT? or is that just a utah thing?