Monday, August 11, 2008

Poolside Pictures

Monday night I found out my parents where having a BBQ with my family thats in town so I invited myself over for some free food and fun with the cuzzies. After scarfing down a hot dog and the most delicious cantaloupe, I hit the pool with the kids and got a few shots of them doing some daredevil stunts off the waterfall and down the slide. After every picture, Parker and Hailey would come over to me and ask to see the picture. If they didn't like it they'd say "Let's do it again Aubrey! Okay?" Actually, Hailey would just mimic her big brother and say "Yah, lets do it again Waub-wee!" Aren't they just the cutest!


Design Gal said...

I do believe your pool is the coolest one I've ever seen.


Heather said...

I do believe that you have a new nickname! Waub-wee! They had a blast "performing" for you! I'm so sad our vacation is over...boohoo. I'm happy we got to see you and spend a little time with you. Too bad we didn't get to see your new place - next time!
Love ya Waubwee!

Florene said...

You are the best "aunt" in the world, you know that? Great pictures and you sound like you thoroughly enjoyed those little ones! What's not to enjoy, eh? I love your blog, "Waub-wee!" You are, by far, the greatest! Where is that Prince Charming who is going to snatch you away someday? God has plans for you, I'm sure!

Love you, GL