Monday, August 4, 2008

Nail Biting Ninth Inning

Monday night's Angel game was about as exciting as it gets. To start, big hitter Mark Teixeira showed off his new digs on Anaheim soil as he batted for the Angles in his first home game against the Baltimore Orioles . In recent weeks Casey Kotchaman was traded for the Atlanta superstar, a welcomed addition that will surely send us to the if we weren't headed there already. Aside from the new kid on the block it was exciting to see my favorite pitcher, #51 Joe Saunders, lead the Halos into a 5-1 lead over the Orioles.

But sure enough, things got even more exciting in the top of the ninth when Scott Shields was sent in to throw the final strikes and end the game. After a few slipped pitches, Scioscia made the call to the bullpen for Francisco Rodriguez to come out and finish off the inning. Unfortunately, K-Rod couldn't protect the Angels four-run lead against the O's. The game went into the bottom of the ninth tied 5-5. Lucky for Anaheim, the top of the order came around and Chone Figgins with a full count watched the 4th ball sail past him into the catchers glove, clinching a 6-5 win with a bases-loaded walk in the ninth inning. Talk about an exciting win! Love those Angels!


Mom said...

Wow! wish I was at THAT game! I love me some angels baseball!

Florene said...

Aub: You sound like a regular sports caster. that would have been an exciting game to go to. Your Grandpa's spirit must me oozing out of all of you guys -- he was a died in the wool Angels fan! We used to take our kids to the games, too! Hooray for the Angels!