Wednesday, June 10, 2009

National Best Friends Day!

I don't know if anyone told you or not, but Tuesday was National Best Friends Day! To celebrate the occasion one of my best friends, Miss Paula Peralta, took me on a date to the Dollar Theater in Irvine to see my favorite man in the entire world. I'm talking about THE Paul Walker in the movie Fast and Furious. And before you go telling me how ridiculous I am for being in love with Paul Walker, I want you to know this: I'm okay with the fact that he's not a good actor. In fact, I think he's a horrible actor. And I'm okay with it because if he was, he could quite possibly reach PERFECTION, and I'm pretty sure there's only one man allowed to be perfect during their mortal sojourn in life.

So with that out out of the way, I LOVED the movie. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and wiping the drool from the sides of my mouth every 10 seconds. Someday I hope to meet that man and profess my undying love and affection for him. I don't know if you all know this or not, but he told me he likes my name. Well, he didn't tell ME, but he told my best friend Allison Montano when she met him at Islands restaurant in Mission Viejo while she was working there back in High School. Their conversation went something like this:

Allison: Paul, my best friend's in love with you and would love your autograph. Will you sign the back of this coaster for her?
Paul: Sure thing. Who do I make it out to?
Allison: Her name is Aubrey.
Paul: Tell your friend she has a beautiful name.

And there you have it folks. He loves my name! We are so gonna get married someday. I keep his autograph in a little silver frame on my bookshelf so I can gaze at it every night before I drift off into a peaceful slumber. Ok, so maybe that last part isn't true, but I do love you Paul Walker. Call me!


Christa Jeanne said...

You know he was raised LDS, right? His mom was in my stake YW presidency growing up - Sis. Walker is amaaaaazing!!! It's so funny, because thanks to her, all the girls in our stake were crushing on Paul before he made it big, stemming from a youth activity that involved watching "Meet the Deedles." Classic.

So,this one's got some eternal potential, Aubs. I bet Sis. Walker would love it if you got her son active again. ;)

IzeOfLight said...

He IS pretty.

Madsen Family said...

Funny! I think of that coaster story everytime I see something with him in it. You were in heaven when that happened :)

Kim said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful?! :)

g. lock said...

ha ha! like the post, it made me laugh. this is quite a story. sounds the beginning of a fairy tale--hope it comes true for you. and is it a rumor paul walker is/was mormon? i thought i heard that from a credible source, but i don't know.

Florene or Lori said...

Hmmm, Aubrey! I can say this, you do have an eye for a good looking man, but does all those good looks and amazing blue eyes go deeper than the exterior? You know, some of us aren't so beautiful on the outside, but amazingly beautiful on the inside! I love your writing -- you're a wonderful dreamer, and "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams!" Keep on dreaming! Luv U

miss b said...

! Only you Aubs.

Alisha said...

I love Paul Walker too!! He's so hot!! I'm so jealous!! You are one LUCKY girl!! :)