Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Bachelorette: "Normal Is The New Sexy!"

Why do I love watching this dumb show so much? I'm pretty sure it's the shock factor! Last night Jillian had not only her hands but her MOUTH full with 11 men on a group date. So awkward to watch. The acting AND the kissing. I'd like to forget any of it every happened and focus on a few highlights from the show.

First of all, how cute is Jillian? I know you don't like her Shauna, but whatever. You're retarded. I LOVE her and think she's so cute! And speaking of cute, I'm all about Team Kiptyn/Reid/Jake! Is it bad that I secretly hope she dumps Kiptyn so I can find him and make him my own? In case you're not sure which one Kiptyn is, fastfoward Episode 3 on your DVR and slow-mo it at :53. You'll thank me later!

Okay, onto the first individual date of the evening. Was anyone else squirming in their chair watching Jill and Ed jump off that sky-scraper? Ahhhh! I am so ridiculously afraid of heights that I just died! Those producers would have to pay me a WHOLE ton-a-dough to get me to do that! Oh, and thank you camera man for the underwater shot in the pool you perv.

And how about Wess? Why does he have to be so dang annoying? I can't handle him and his 24/7 guitar playing. It's getting old REAL fast and I refuse to believe that Jillian is honestly falling for it. I still think the producers have a say in who stays and who goes. I mean, do you REALLY think she wanted to keep Homo Juan and Anger Management Dave? David should've been sent to his room to chew on a bar of soap and soak in a hot bath. Either that or put in a straight jacket! All I can say is that man has screwed himself for life. Women will run and hide when they see him coming their way. And then there's Tanner P who said it like a true creepster "I'm just here to suck on some toes!" Gross. I just threw up in my mouth.

So after 2 painful hours I'd have to agree that "there's nothing spectacular about [any] of them, but in this group of self-promoters, closet cases, fetishists, and guys who never left the frat house, normal is the new sexy." Oh, and just for fun, I thought I'd share some of the celebrity look-a-likes my friends and I came up with last night. You may or may not agree:

Ed & Greg Brady

Mike & Jose Conseco

Kiptyn & Nate Berkus


Kim said...

Spot on sista! Why DO I like to watch this show?

Madsen Family said...

LOL, you hit it down on. I was sad to see Sasha go so soon. Kiptyn and Nate were seperated at birth!!!

Shauna said...

kiptyn shirtless was like a birthday present. is that gross to say? OH WELL.

Bracken and Bracken said...

I think you and Jilian are a lot alike, that's probably why you like her so much!! I agree with everything you said :) Also, I would add that Ed looks like Denny from Grey's (the dude from PS i love you).

Chelsea said...

your celeb match ups are perfect!

IzeOfLight said...

Kiptyn shirtless was definitely Christmas coming early this year. And thank heavens for TiVo; we certainly used it!

Wes sucks. Tanner's kind of funny to me now because he's so endearing in his crazy. Dave is not.

Yeah, I'm totally hooked.

Ooooh! At the risk of totally showing my dorkiness/nerdiness, did you catch the bit on Chris Harrison's blog (yeah, yeah, I know) that Jillian *really* wasn't happy about all the kissing the western-movie date entailed? So she wins back a few more points she lost.

Evie B. said...


I'm over from Amanda's blog (hope you don't mind) and love this post! We have very similar opinions, down to the look-alike section. :)

I love your updates!

theblibbys said...

all I can do is laugh at this post. I really wish I could watch with you!!!!

chari-o said...

i haven't watched ANY of this...because i forgot to set the tivo before leaving town :(...but I agree that normal is the new sexy. please can there be more normal guys in the world?!

Brady and Lindsay Wood said...

Ok sorry I have not posted a comment in ages. I have been reading... Your powell trip looked amazing! I love have you are always meeting these huge groups of singles who you have so much fun with. That is amazing and because of it you get to go on so many adventures I never did. You and your friends are living life to the fullest right now and I love reading all about it :)
Oh so funny story my friend that reads your Batchlor post just got back to powell and saw your post and was totally jealous. Ok lets be honest I was too. I mean spending a week on boats like that with so many fun people could have been nothing more than a blast and party the entire time. Love you friend and we missed you in AZ.