Thursday, June 18, 2009

:: Engagement Party ::

I was so excited to attend my first Engagement Party this week for two of my favorite couples, Lodney (Lisa & Rodney) and Bramber (Bryan & Amber).

The girls went all out on the dinner menu, providing their guests with Amber's rosemary salted pork tenderloin, Lisa's fresh garden vegetables, Kiele's incredible summer salad (that tasted more like dessert), and Erin's delectable lemon zest cupcakes served with Holly's homemade vanilla ice cream. My friends are honestly so incredible!

And just a little FYI- I can now add Wedding Planner to my list of job titles. My friend Shauna and I are busy planning the most incredible wedding reception for Miss Lisa and her soon to be husband on August 22nd. Think mango, lemon, and pink grapefruit! It's going to be oh-so-tangy!


Kim said...

Congrats Miss Lisa - He's cute!

Jessica Reeves said...

You have the cutest clothes and always look so cute!!

chari-o said...

oh i miss all of you girls!! i wish it were easier to get to so cal to participate in all the good times!

Melissa Lundquist said...

oh i love these pictures. i wish i could have came to this celebration.