Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Brother's Cooler Than Yours!

Saturday the parentals went out of town for their anniversary (if you consider Disneyland out of town) leaving my 17 yr. old brother Scotty all alone in a big house with nothing to do. While I was at work I began getting text messages from my little bro that said "The waves are blown out and I have nothing to do!" and "Do you need any help down at your shop cuz I'm so bored!" Poor kid. So bored he wanted to hang out with his sister at work on a Saturday afternoon.

I invited him to come to Laguna and see my little flower shop and make some arrangements with me and see what it is I do all day. He didn't really know how to help so he hung out on his skateboard while I made a few arrangements for a dinner party, a graduation gift, and my parents anniversary bouquet. They turned out pretty don't you think?

After finishing we closed up shop for a bit to grab some lunch next door at La Sirena Grill, a delicious hole in the wall restaurant that serves organic Mexican food. It's the best! Well, Baja is the best, but this is a close second. After lunch we decided to do a little shopping through Laguna. I picked a few interior design shops and Scotty picked a few surf shops. It turned out to be a really fun afternoon and hopefully cured him of his boredom.


Kim said...

what a nice sister and daughter! :) The flowers are beautiful! Thank you! Love you!

Bracken and Bracken said...

I have the cutest brother ever!! That's why Dallen got his name :)