Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Ritzy Reunion

Britt is back in town! Brittany Watson was my very first friend at Dana Hills High School almost TWELVE years ago. Wow we're old! Although she lives all the way in D.C. now, she's always been one of those friends where you can be apart for an entire year and then sit down and have a conversation as if you just talked yesterday. I just love this girl!

We decided to meet up Christmas Eve morning at the Ritz Carlton to enjoy some first class service, a delicious breakfast, and a spectacular view. As we ate, we caught up on each others jobs, families, and of course our love lives. We always have the best girl talk!

When we were in High School, Brittany and I would come to the Ritz with all of our friends after the football or basketball games to come and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, or play a game of charades with Lisa Kudro (true story), or to just wander around the grounds. I've had some great memories here at the Ritz with this girl.


Kim said...

Love that girl! It's always a treat when Brittany is around!

miss b. said...

Aww schucks! Aubs, thanks for playing with me! I'm counting on a spring visit for some Cherry Blossoms!

meeshw said... both look sooo beautiful!!!! So glad you stay in touch and had a great time!