Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Puttin' On The Ritz

Every year I make it a tradition to go see the holiday decorations at The Ritz Carlton in Dana Point. So Monday night after our Ward Christmas Open House, we gathered the few faithful to join us for some more holiday festivities.

This year the Ritz is all decorated in PURPLES! Just look at those gorgeous flowers. I'm in love. Shades of plum, violet, magenta, and lavender! Purple just so happens to be my very favorite color...for now. It changes from season to season.

Next stop on the list was the GIANT Gingerbread House. This year instead of doing their usual Gingerbread "House," they constructed a Gingerbread Sandcastle. How appropriate! It's completely edible (we're all still a little skeptical on the windows), and is made of things like waffles, cream puffs, ribbon candy, donuts, and more. Oh, and don't mind our ridiculous Prom poses. Sometimes we just can't help ourselves. And people wonder why I'm not married. "GROW UP!" No thanks.


Kim said...

AWESOME! Can I come next time please?

wild woods said...

The amazing things and places you go makes me think we need to get out more. I feel like an old lady latley and all I want to do after work is sleep. Thanks for your insperation!