Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Lights In Town!!!

Saturday night after the Ward Christmas Party we all decided to go see my favorite house for the holidays. I grew up across the street from these people who do the most spectacular, over the top Christmas light show you've ever seen (or never seen.) The home owner is an Electrical Engineer and designed and built the entire thing himself.

The best part about it is when you pull up to the house, you turn your radio station to 90.5 FM and the lights simultaneously flash to songs such as Carol of the Bells and The Grinch. Check out this awesome, but not so high-quality video I found on youtube of the lights in action. Turn up the volume. It's pretty incredible. I'm not gonna lie.

If you live locally and want to check it out for yourself, it's located at 5 Tunis, Laguna Niguel in the community of Marina Hills. It's definitely a sight you don't wanna miss! Bring along a cup of hot cocoa, a few dollars for their CHOC donation box, and enjoy the show!


Laura said...

That is like the Bellagio version of Christmas lights! Thanks for the tip, we are totally going to check it out! :)

wild woods said...

I loved the show!! and your HSM 3 outfit is pretty much amazing!

So I was reading some of your old blogs and read the one about tights... I love tights and never thought about layering them with fishnets and I love the idea. Thanks!!

tbone said...

Chalk one up for Orange County being the mecca of the inane commercialism which we once fondly called Christmas. The outlandish consumption practices of this great region inspires me. Big ups to the OC.