Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Five Crowns Tradition

Yet another Messick Family Christmas Tradition. This year marks our 4th Annual Christmas Dinner with the Messick and Goettel Family at Five Crowns, a gorgeous English Cottage Style Restaurant in Corona Del Mar.

With our candlelit table nestled close to the fire, we enjoyed a four course meal fit for a king. Decadent Hot Chocolate, an English Garden Salad (Literally! There were pansies and daisy petals sprinkled on top), Filet Mignon, Goose, Swordfish (and more). All topped off with a rich Chocolate Souffle, a la mode of course!

My beautiful Sister Kellie made it home from school just in time to enjoy the festivities. Isn't she cute!!! It's so fun to have her home for the holidays. I still can't believe we'll be celebrating her 20th birthday next week!

Oh, and you're gonna' love this. Some mothers discipline their kids when they play with their food, but mine just asks if she can join in. Gotta' love the hot cocoa mustaches. It's a good look for you Mom.

And it was so fun to have Colby (aka-Elder Goettel) there with us who recently returned home form the Canada Winnipeg Mission. That's where I went!!! Colby served in all the same areas I did which made it fun to name drop and see how the members and investigators are doing.

What a fun evening of holiday traditions. Hope your shopping is done and you can enjoy this Christmas Eve! If you live in Southern California I hear it's gonna be a wet one! Merry Christmas!!!


IzeOfLight said...

Ooooh, how fun! We always do Five Crowns with another family from my home ward on Christmas Eve, so I know exactly the kind of yummy-ness you're talking about! This blog post was the perfect prepping for tonight--thanks!

Kim said...

It was certainly a delightful evening all around! I wish the carolers could have sung to us a little more though - maybe they would have gotten a big tip from Dad or something!

Bracken and Bracken said...

So sad we missed it this year! Hope the filet mignon was as good as I remember :)