Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

It's just another Messick Family Tradition. For almost 15 years now, the Messick, Hawkins, Koch, Roche, and Goettel Families have been getting together every Christmas for our Annual Christmas Party.

We usually begin the night with a visit to Ages, a local retirement home, to sing Christmas carols to the residents. It's so fun to see the excitment on their faces as they sing-a-long to the familiar songs.

Next, it's off to the Roche home, or whoever is hosting that year, and enjoy a delicious potluck style dinner and enough sweets to give even Buddy The Elf a tummy ache til New Years.

This year was extra special cuz Parker and Jessica Wells brought their brand new baby Sienna. It was my first time meeting this little cutie and I just fell in love with her perfect little everything. Isn't it cute how she's just staring at me. I think she loves me!

And finally we end the evening with a little celebration to Jesus. The famous Laurie Roche always makes a birthday cake and leads us in "Happy Birthday Jesus." My poor roommates are so embarrassed I'm even posting this video, but I think it's funny and kinda sweet. Hope you don't find it too sacreligious. We only mean it in the best way, even though my mother is dying of laughter when I pan her way. Enjoy!


Kasi French said...

I think it's fantastic ... and I live in Salt Lake so I've been given the authority to declare this officially fine in terms of sacreligiousness.

Heather said...

Aubs - I think the video is great! And your dad looks like he's lost so much weight that his clothes don't fit him anymore! I hope he's done losing or I may not recognize him the next time I see him! He looks great though - make sure you tell him we said so! And thanks for letting my little brother crash your Saturday morning - he has a way of showing up on peoples doorsteps unannounced like that! It's kind of endearing :)
Love you!

Bracken and Bracken said...

So sad we missed out on the fun!! Good thing its a tradition and we can look forward to it next year :)